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Venice channels

Gondola rides through the channels of Venice are a tradition that travelers enjoy, for Venice is the city of islands, so the long channels were the main streets of the city, which were connected by a labyrinth of narrow passages, and span old buildings that have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years along the canals, and are considered The Grand Canal is one of the most famous water channels and one of the most photographed locations in Venice.

Sant’Angelo National Museum

The Museum of the Castle of Sant’Angelo is considered one of the most famous attractions in Italy, and it is located in the Adrian Park in Rome, and this tall cylindrical building was built under the instructions of the Romen Emperor Hardian, to serve as a shrine for him and his family, and the ashes of Hadrian and his family and followers were followed by emperors until the year 217 CE in this tomb, and the shrine was converted in AD 401 into a castle, and it was declared a museum in modern times.

Romen Colosseum

The Romen Coliseum in Rome is considered the largest and most visited Romen square in the world, and this huge coliseum of ancient Rome, built by Emperor Vespasian in the year 80 AD, can contain approximately 55,000 spectators, and the battles of wild animals were held in the Colosseum, but it was used In other events, the highest area in the amphitheater as well as the underground passages are open to visitors for private guided tours only.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Many tourists wishing to climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa visit the city of Tuscany in Pisa, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Italy, and this ornate Romenesque architecture tower is one of the most famous in Europe, and visitors must climb about 300 bricks to reach the top.

Popoli Gardens

This tourist destination is located in Florence and includes many sculptures dating back between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, the Boboli Gardens represent some of the oldest italyn gardens built in the official style, and they are adjacent to the Palazzo Pitti, and the entry to the gardens in the past was limited to members of the Medici family, but it is open today For tourists, the total park area is 45,000 square meters.

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