Italy’s best three-day tourist schedule

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The best tourist schedule for Italy for a period of three days, if your next destination in tourism is Italy, then we offer you a tourist schedule for Italy over three days. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in which you will find integrating peoples ’civilizations with history and beautiful nature, and the tremendous development at the level of fashion and cuisine Italian, it is visited by more than 43 million tourists every year, and it is classified as the fourth town in the largest country that receives tourism revenues annually, and in the following lines, Arab travelers will organize a three-day schedule that introduces you to the best tourist destinations in Italy.

Italy tourist schedule

Tips to visit Italy

Before going to Italy, here are some tips that can make your trip even more fantastic:

  • When you go to any restaurant in Italy, look at the menu on the food Alkbrto, and these fees are essential to pay in all food and ranges from 1 euro to 5.
  • Do not miss the experience of riding a train in Italy, it is one of the popular means of transportation in the city, and you can book train tickets online and ensure their safety from the salvation of the verification devices in the train stations, and do not miss the experience of a hot cup of tea or delicious coffee on the train while enjoying providing internet services Freebies.
  • Public toilets in Italy have entry fees ranging from 1 euro to two, due to their concern for the high level of hygiene and the provision of tissue paper and soap in public baths, so you find yourself paying a fee to enter it.
  • Do not miss the experience of the various Italian dishes of pizza and pasta, the Italian cuisine is famous for its fine taste.

Three-day schedule in Italy

First day

On the first day you can wander around the city of Ferrara, which is considered one of the most wonderful Italian cities, where you find museums and ornate palaces so all Italian art lovers go to it.
Archaeological Museum: In the daytime you can the archaeological museum, when you visit you can get to know the history of the city of Ferrara, see archaeological artifacts and paintings and take memorial photos with it.
Italys best three day tourist schedule - Italy's best three-day tourist schedule
Municipal Theater: At night, do not miss the experience of going to the municipal theater, as it is considered a large opera house that was established in the year 1797 AD, and the theater contains seats for more than a thousand people, so it is one of the historical monuments in Italy.
1581259840 453 Italys best three day tourist schedule - Italy's best three-day tourist schedule

the second day

On the second day, you will continue your journey in Ferrara to discover and visit its landmarks.
Diamanti Palace: After eating your breakfast, head to the Diamante Palace, which is characterized by the marble covering its façade, and the wonderful architecture that was built on it, so it was built in the European Renaissance era, so when roaming in the palace you can see a lot of artworks by international and local artists, and the palace also includes many artworks since The thirteenth century until four consecutive centuries after.
1581259840 226 Italys best three day tourist schedule - Italy's best three-day tourist schedule
Ferrara streets: The night is the time to take a free tour of the streets of that charming city. You can roam, take memorial photos and buy souvenirs made with handcraft for the people of the city, which will always remind you of this day.
1581259840 684 Italys best three day tourist schedule - Italy's best three-day tourist schedule

the third day

On the third day on your schedule, your destination will be Venice, Italy. You will find ancient heritage streets dotted with roses on the balconies, sounds of music and musical instruments, and the presence of cool channels of water.
The Grand Canal in Venice: The channel is a very famous channel in Venice, it is a waterway that is characterized by the aesthetic view and the beautiful nature. The length of the channel ranges between 3800 meters and its width is about 90 meters. You can ride boats in that channel and take memorial photos of the colorful houses on the two banks.
1581259840 672 Italys best three day tourist schedule - Italy's best three-day tourist schedule
Rialto Bridge: As you wander around Venice and the night comes to you, go for a special dinner of Italian cuisine and then visit the Rialto Bridge, which is characterized by a high rise of up to 24 feet and be shaped like an arc, and in the vicinity of the bridge you will find many wonderful cafes and markets that you can take a walk And buy souvenirs at the place.
1581259840 183 Italys best three day tourist schedule - Italy's best three-day tourist schedule
At the end of the three days of the Italian cities tour, you will wish to repeat the experience again and explore Italy more and more, because of the amazing beauty of this country in the landscape, and the ancient civilization that amazes everyone who saw it, in addition to that there are many Italian cities that you will want to explore more More like Rome, Milan, Florence, Como Lakes, Garda, and of course, the charming city of Venice.


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