Japan’s Rabbit Island

المسافرون العرب

Island of rabbits

Akonoshima, nicknamed the Rabbit Island, is a Japanese island, which was a very important military location for the Japanese, especially in World War II, because they used it as a secret camp for them to do a set of tests on toxic gases and the possibility of manufacturing them, so that they can use them during the war as a method of weapons.
Akonoshima Island is a small island in size, located in the Seto Inland Sea, and this island belongs to Hiroshima Prefecture, specifically in the city of Takehara, which is forty square kilometers from Hiroshima Prefecture, from the southeastern side of the prefecture.

The reason why Akonoshima was named Rabbit Island

It is mentioned that there are large numbers of wild rabbits that roamed this island and took it as their main habitat, which are very huge and cannot be completely counted. The gathering of these rabbits on the island led to the launch of the name of the rabbit island on it, and it became known by this name in a big way.
It is reported that there are differences on the reason for the presence of these rabbits in the island in these numbers; there are opinions that say that these rabbits brought children to the island during a field trip to them, and there are opinions that the Japanese brought these rabbits in these quantities to hide the effects of war and toxic substances accumulated in large quantities On that island, and also to check its impact.
It is worth noting that the Japanese at the end of the war tried to hide the effects of the toxic substances that they were making to use in the war, and they also burned all the belongings of this war, from special files and others, in order to hide all the evidence that could condemn them for carrying out these acts.

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The reason for Akonoshima’s choice of toxic gas industry

The Japanese chose this island to make toxic gases, because they are out of sight and residential areas, and the main reason for choosing them was because they were not affected by natural disasters that were occurring in Japan, such as earthquakes, just as the Japanese hid this island sufficiently, and strictly confidentiality, as they did not include it for a while Long on the maps of their countries of various kinds, to ensure that they are not recognized by any party.
In the period between 1929 AD and 1945 AD, the period during which the Second World War took place, the Japanese produced about six tons of toxic gases on this small island, for use in warfare, and these quantities of gas were produced in the factories of the Japanese army, These operations remained hidden for sixteen years.

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