It is one of the most important tourist and commercial cities in the Kingdom, as it includes a large number of economic banks and international companies, in addition to a large number of attractive tourist areas. Therefore, it includes hundreds of picturesque and picturesque hotels, most of which offer a scenic Red Sea view.
1- Park Hyatt Jeddah, Marina The Park Hyatt Jeddah is one of the finest and most luxurious hotels in the city, as it is classified as a five-star category. The hotel is designed in an elegant and charming modern style. The hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable, in addition to their picturesque colors that breathe happiness and calm. All rooms of the hotel have a charming view of the Red Sea.
Address: Al-Hamra District.

2- Sofitel Jeddah Corniche Hotel: The Sofitel Jeddah Corniche Hotel was newly opened, and this name was named due to its proximity to the famous Jeddah Corniche. The hotel is fifteen minutes from Jeddah International Airport and five minutes from the Red Sea beach. All this makes it one of the best hotels in the city, and therefore it is classified under the category of five-star hotels. All hotel rooms overlook the Red Sea coast and are characterized by its beauty and modern design.
Address: located in Al-Shati district, Corniche Street.

3- East Palace Hotel: The East Palace Hotel is part of the palace of one of the kings, as its rooms are elegantly and charmingly designed to charm everyone who lives in them, as they are an example of luxury and sophistication. East Palace Hotel overlooks the waterfront of Jeddah. The hotel is equipped with spa and indoor pools which makes your stay an unforgettable memory. The hotel includes the Aromi restaurant, which offers delicious and finest seafood and italyn in addition to a charming view of the Red Sea beach. So it was classified as a five-star hotel.
Address: Corniche Road.

4- Rose Wood Hotel Jeddah: The Rose Wood Hotel Jeddah is one of the five-star hotels and this is for its high quality and wonderful design. The hotel includes four restaurants that offer the best of local and international cuisine, as well as five meeting rooms. The hotel rooms are modern and comfortable in design and overlook the Red Sea coast. The hotel has a spa and gym equipped with this latest equipment in addition to its amazing location as it is near shopping centers and the business area.
Address: Corniche Road.

5- Red Sea Palace Hotel: The Red Sea Palace Hotel is one of the four-star hotels in Jeddah, located twenty kilometers from the Red Sea coast. The hotel rooms have a charming view of Arbaeen Lake. The Red Sea Palace Hotel includes the Lake Restaurant, which serves delicious italyn, oriental and Asian dishes, in addition to distinguished sea food. It is twenty five kilometers from Jeddah International Airport.
Address: King Abdulaziz Street

6- Jeddah Hilton Hotel: Jeddah Hilton Hotel is fifteen minutes away from Jeddah International Airport, and has been classified as a five-star hotel for its distinction. Jeddah Hilton Hotel includes five restaurants serving the best local and international dishes, in addition to eleven meeting halls. It features sandy beaches half an hour away from the hotel, as well as huge tennis courts. The hotel’s sinking luxury and sophistication ensure the comfort and happiness of visitors.
Address: Corniche Road.

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