Jeddah, the bride of the Red Sea and the first tourist attraction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, includes one of the best tourist attractions, namely the Corniche, which spreads a number of restaurants, cafes and many recreational areas along it. Today, a “relaying” site offers you some Jeddah restaurants on the Corniche.

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Blue Ocean Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the CornicheThe magic of nature and the tranquility of the sea from the blue ocean restaurant, our Arabic version of the Miami Beaches International restaurants, enjoy eating the best seafood dishes in the open air and facing the picturesque Jeddah Corniche where the sea lions are sending you kisses and the friendly dolphins jump in front of you for a height of 5 meters in addition to an amazing and distinctive group of fish from Behind a glass basin, enjoy one of the best dining experiences in one of Jeddah’s best restaurants on the Corniche located in the heart of the first water museum in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Address: Fish Park – Corniche Street – Al-Shati District.

Sushi Yoshi Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the Corniche
Eat the most delicious sushi at Sushi Yoshil Restaurant Japanese food lovers Enjoy a unique experience mixed with Japanese seafood and eat the most delicious sushi in one of the finest and most luxurious Japanese restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the most delicious dishes and meals provided in Sushi Yoshi restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Jeddah on the Corniche (Alnoti Banana And Cheesy Honey Way, Chunky Applux, Extreme Chocolate, Perfect Match, Hot Dog Special, Creamy Chicken) and many more delicious Japanese meals. Address: Sushi Yoshi (1) Atta Commercial Center – Corniche Road – Al-Shati District Sushi Yoshi (2) For Jeddah Kindergarten

Al Wadaa Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the CornicheCharming view of Al Wadaa Restaurant Immerse yourself in a dining experience that is inspired by multiple cultures and taste a variety of flavors as the Al Wadaa Restaurant offers a generous assortment of buffets with varied and delicious food options, one of the most important features of Al Wadaa Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Jeddah on the Corniche its magical place you can feel the breeze The cool sound and relaxing sea waves of the nerves from everywhere in the restaurant and you can choose between dining in an open buffet and an outdoor exotic atmosphere where you face the sea directly and enjoy the scenic sea view or you can enjoy sitting on the restaurant terrace. Address: Movenpick Resort Al Nawras – Corniche Street – H J beach

Al Nafourah Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the CornicheAl Nafoorah Restaurant: Eat the most delicious seafood and indulge all your senses in a menu full of hot and cold mezzas and main dishes. The Al Nafoura Restaurant is the most beautiful Jeddah restaurant on the Corniche with traditional grills on charcoal, which are cooked in the open kitchen directly in front of guests and that is a special kind of fun where you can see your food from the beginning of its preparation Until serving it to you, you can choose between the outdoor sessions overlooking the picturesque King Fahd Fountain or eat in the indoor sessions in the restaurant, then enjoy the most delicious oriental sweets and ice cream as a musk seal for that fun experience. Address: Park Hyatt Jeddah – St. Ra Corniche – Al Hamra

Sailing Treasure Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the CornicheIndulge in a calm atmosphere on the sea and eat the finest treasures of the Treasure Restaurant Obhur The treasure restaurant sailed in its picturesque location on the Red Sea in the southern Obhur region which made it a distinguished tourist destination throughout the day, whether from the people of the region or visitors, tasting the most delicious dishes and seafood at the hands of the most skilled chefs and cooks accompanied Friendly staff and for the convenience of visitors. Treasure Restaurant sails one of the best restaurants in Jeddah on the Corniche offers play places for children, allowing you to dinner and entertain your children at the same time. The restaurant also provides special sessions for fans of the private family atmosphere, all that comes with a delicious selection of wonderful dishes. Address: Th Corniche, Obhur Al Janoubiyah, Jeddah

Al-Seqala Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the CornicheA unique location for more fun while eating your favorite meal at the scaffold restaurant on the Corniche. Imagine that you are eating your favorite meal on a ship anchored on the beachfront with its wonderful design and unique location, that imagination is a reality that you will live in a scaffold restaurant designed as a ship in a magical panoramic way to provide you with a unique dining experience A distinguished and upscale service, the restaurant has a delicious selection of seafood and fresh seafood, and the scaffold restaurant has not forgotten the oriental eaters, so there are very amazing dishes of grill, meat and pastries, whether cooked in the traditional Saudi way or international dishes, and one of the most important features of M scaffold is the most beautiful Jeddah restaurant on its unique buffet corniche, which allows you to eat everything you want in multiple choices to taste from the nectar of all its delicious dishes, you can also choose between the indoor session where privacy or eat your food on the scaffold terrace overlooking the Sharm sailed in the open air Address: Sea Sciences Roundabout – Corniche Road – Obhur Al Janoubia.

Crabia Restaurant:

Jeddah restaurants on the CornicheThe most delicious seafood in Caboria, one of the distinctive Egyptian restaurants in Jeddah to serve seafood, at the beginning you find a reception full of Arabic coffee and dates to prepare your mood for a rich dining experience and then choose your place to sit either for the ground floor for singles or the upper floor for families, Caboria restaurant offers a delicious menu From (fish soup, seafood soup, sayadia, Moroccan tagine, Nagel fish) and other delicious seafood in addition to fresh juices, all in a fantasy session overlooking the sea to enjoy eating your food in a quiet and romantic place. Address: Corniche Road, Al Shati, Jeddah

Marsa Dreams Floating Restaurant:

The dream turns into a reality in the Morsi restaurant, the dreams of the family, a true taste of dining in the middle of the sea in addition to a cruise in which you see the city of Jeddah from the sea, Marsa Dreams Floating Restaurant with its unique view on the sea from all sides gives you a sense of privacy and exclusivity between the youth sessions equipped with visual and audible screens and sessions Arabic and shaded sessions all of these facilities to allow you to enjoy watching the sunrise from the sea with the experience of delicious food in an open buffet with all the deliciousness and goodness in addition to offers offered by a special group to complete your excursion of entertainment and delicious food and stunning sea views .

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