In this article, we provide you with a guide to Jeddah’s luxury malls, as Jeddah is famous for its many shopping centers, which makes shopping
One of the most popular activities in the city next to tourism, which stimulates the economy as well. The large number of shopping centers will provide you with a lot of options available, also enjoyable besides shopping and getting the best
Deals with the most famous international brands; here are the best of these malls.

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A list of Jeddah’s most famous malls

Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall is one of Jeddah’s finest luxury malls located on King Abdul Aziz Road; the mall is not only for shopping hobbyists but
Also for history buffs! Yes, just as I heard; the mall includes a section on history and heritage, and this section has been decorated
With traditional decorations and Saudi historical paintings, as well as shops selling historical local goods and dresses. The mall spans an area of ​​242.000 square meters and includes a large number of luxury stores in which prices range from
High and medium; it also includes many world famous brands such as H&M; and also contains exhibitions
Furniture and art galleries for art amateurs. You can also stay at the Elaf Jeddah Hotel, which is part of the mall, in addition to a restaurant complex and a play area
children.Red Sea MallRed Sea MallRed Sea Mall
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Mall of Arabia Jeddah

The Mall of Arabia is located on the eastern side of Madinah Road, south of Makkah Road, and is located near King Abdul Airport
Aziz International; the commercial center is spread over an area of ​​261,000 square meters; it is one of the most prominent and largest malls in Jeddah, the most luxurious
The mall includes a variety of distinctive restaurants that offer many options of fresh and delicious cuisine, as there are
A special recreation area for children that contains a lot of fun games suitable for different ages. One of the special things about the Mall of Arabia is that it is designed in an easy way so that the mall visitors do not get lost while touring the mall, and most important
It is that it contains all the major brands you want like Zara and H&M for example
Not limited to.Mall of Arabia JeddahMall of Arabia JeddahMall of Arabia JeddahMall of Arabia Jeddah

Tahlia Shopping Center

Al-Tahlia Shopping Center is located on the most famous street in Jeddah and it is Al-Tahlia Street, which makes it one of Jeddah’s finest luxury malls. The mall contains many shops although it is smaller than many other malls in the city,
And stores contain various commodities and everything you may be looking for, which makes it an ideal place to shop, especially for the purchase of cosmetics
Personal and aesthetic care There you will find many famous brands like Paris Gallery, Sephora and Body Shop
Victoria’s Secret, Mac, Make-up Forever, and other famous brands. It also contains jewelery, shoes, luxury gowns and many international watch stores like Rolex;
There is a large selection of fast food restaurants in a restaurant complex.Tahlia Shopping CenterTahlia Shopping CenterTahlia Shopping CenterTahlia Shopping Center

El-Khayyat Center

Al-Khayyat Mall is located in Jeddah Golden Street, which is Tahlia Street. Whenever you want to buy the most luxurious brands
The Al Khayyat Mall is the perfect place to have many international brand stores such as Louis Vuitton
And Gucci, Chanel, Dior and all the major luxury brands. Also there are beauty salons and the commercial center consists of two floors, the first for shops and the upper floor for offices.El-Khayyat CenterEl-Khayyat CenterEl-Khayyat CenterEl-Khayyat Center

Stars Avenue Mall

Stars Avenue Mall is located on King Abdulaziz Road in Jeddah and is unique because it has many shops
Luxury and international brands as well as local brands that are unique to them alone. The mall also has many restaurants that are located next to each other in a restaurant complex or what is known as Food Court, which
It varies between fast food restaurants and restaurants that do different foods from all over the world. And on the top floor of the mall there are many high-end gown stores and their designers, and all of that will give you an experience
Unique shopping and a combination of everything, it is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Jeddah.Stars Avenue MallStars Avenue MallStars Avenue MallStars Avenue Mall

Serafi Mega Mall

Al-Serafi Mall is the ideal mall for those who have more than one shopping in their mind and is located on Prince Muhammad Road
Abdulaziz Al-Faisaliah in Jeddah, and he is very popular with families and young people in Jeddah because it contains many entertainment
And the unique pleasure, which makes it the most attractive for tourists among other commercial centers. Among the recreational activities that it includes such as the bowling hall and ice skating rink in addition to restaurants and cafes
Diffused throughout the mall. Although Serafi Mega Mall is not the largest in terms of the number of shops, but it has a group of the most prominent brands
Commercials in the world such as Victoria’s Secret, Mac, H&M and many others; you can never miss a visit to such a wonderful place
Which will provide you with an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience.Serafi Mega MallSerafi Mega MallSerafi Mega MallSerafi Mega Mall

Aziz Mall

Aziz Mall is located on Prince Majid Street in Al Faisaliah, and it is one of the most popular malls in Jeddah and possibly in the Kingdom
Saudi Arabia; it is always crowded, whether on weekends or during the days of the week itself. The mall contains a lot of shops specialized in everything from clothes, perfumes and jewelry.
Home appliances, even furniture, home decor and everything you could ever need. There are some stores that offer a variety of famous brands such as Bershka, Terranova, L.C, Zara and more.
From that much, there are a lot of options in front of you to shop; and children can play in a large place designated for them. There is also a mall a restaurant complex that contains branches of famous restaurants also in various parts of the world and cafes as well.Aziz MallAziz MallAziz MallAziz Mall

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