New guide to Jeddah’s amusement park and the most famous game venues in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is famous for being the most important cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attractive to tourists, because it contains a lot of recreational and beautiful tourist places, and there are the most beautiful beaches that overlook the Red Sea, and there are also many places that express Jeddah Through cultural and marketing places, as well as entertainment, Arab travelers help you get to know the best amusement parks in Jeddah.

Jeddah’s best theme park guide

  • Aqua Water Park

It is located in the north of Jeddah on the road to Medina, and it is one of the most important recreational places in Jeddah that specializes in water games inside swimming pools, and it was suitable for family gathering or friends, it has many different and diverse games that include all individuals, whether they are adults or Young, and contains distinctive African restaurants.

  • Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences

Jeddah Oasis for Recreational Sciences aims to teach the Saudi community in amusing and easy ways, through 6 different halls, including a hall in the form of the human body, a special hall for everything strange and exciting inside the water, and a hall also contains air components, and also a hall for science, mathematics and other physics, and there A hall for future scientists, as well as aviation, and each of them contains a stereoscopic model to facilitate the learning process, and to know all the rare and distinct information from them.

  • Jungle Land Village

The village was inaugurated in 1999 AD, and it is considered the land of the jungle where a lot of capabilities and facilities have been added to become one of the best villages in Jeddah, there are a lot of suspense and excitement games in a village such as a missile and whirlpool game, as well as a game of Formula, and also includes a lot of joint games Among family members, young and old can also enjoy it, including the game of ghosts, the game of collision cars and the game of the ship. 3d lts You are viewing pleasures and wears glasses, and also water sports distinctive game like water boats, game waterfall and game ZULU Land, Club video games Jim wonderful and distinctive.

  • Ice Land

It is the favorite amusement park for many people of all ages, it is preferred by adults and children as well, and not only residents of Jeddah, but from all parts of the Kingdom, and it is the first distinctive and entertaining place that contains a large number of games that many of us prefer, and it is the most important amusement park that was built in Jeddah, it is an integrated city Where there are shops for the most important international brands, as well as various wonderful and distinctive games, as well as restaurants that offer delicious cuisine, whether local or international, there is the largest hall dedicated to skiing, and also bowling games, and extensive fields for playing various football sports.

  • Amusement park waterfall

The waterfall amusement park is located directly on the Red Sea, and its area is about 60 thousand meters, and it is one of the best amusement parks in Jeddah, there are a lot of special games that include all members of the same family, as it contains games for young people to enjoy their time there such as a car lift game, a game A tour of Paris, a crazy submarine game, and also adult games that vary like games between exciting and fascinating games and games for the whole family that kids and adults can ride together like Amazon, pirate game, samba tower game.
There are also vast green areas to help you sit and enjoy beautiful and pleasant nature views, or enjoy a sport of walking, and looking at the wonderful and colorful plants. There is an ice skating rink with specialized coaches there so that no one can harm anyone, it also contains many different restaurants Which offers the most delicious types of food of various types and dishes.

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