Jumeirah Beach Park guide

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Comprehensive information about the Jumeirah Beach Park, the Emirates provides many places for entertainment and recreation for its people, we find that they respect individuals in an elegant manner. It includes a number of parks, but we note that this park differs from all because of its advantages. Come with Arab travelers and see the beauty available in this place.

Jumeirah Beach Park

Here is some information you may need to know about this park.

Jumeirah Beach Park specifications

  • The first place to combine the garden with the beach was opened in 1989, and it is located inside a residential area and directly overlooks the Arabian Gulf.
  • We find that many accept it as a place for children to play.
  • It is the perfect solution to take the whole family and take a picnic on the weekend after getting tired and overworked.
  • Where you can enjoy the distinct sand and the lands that produce small herbs.
  • It is considered one of the most distinguished areas because it is a mix between the beach and the garden.
  • In it you get the real pleasure while roaming around.
  • It is also preferred by adults, in relation to the barbecues that are held at night, and the evening and the evening parties.
  • The park contains dressing rooms and a large swimming pool. It also includes volleyball courts and a huge parking place with ease.
  • And we find that the cost of entering the park is affordable for everyone.
  • It includes a large number of places to serve food.
  • You can enjoy swimming in it, and one of the advantages is that there is a full berth next to the beach that contains a large number of rescuers in anticipation of any danger you face.
  • It is a beautiful painting displayed in front of you and it is mixed with many different natural colors.
  • And by the waters of the blue bay on the golden beach and followed by vast green areas, it is one of the most beautiful scenes in architecture.
  • Services provided by Jumeirah Beach Park

    • As for what the beach offersWe find that it offers rapid and improved rescue teams to join you while you are in danger of swimming time, and it also provides a large number of seats and parasols that you and your family need.
    • For exercise: The park provides large fields for basketball, hand, volleyball, and others.
    • A large children’s playground, safe and spacious, we find many of them obsessed with love of that place.
    • They did not forget the availability of places to perform the prayer.
    • Many different restaurants and small cafes.
    • Other services: Such as providing places to change clothes in comfort, and bathrooms that they are always keen to clean.
    • They also provided a lot of facilities for the disabled and those with needs, as there are some roads designated for them for hiking, parking spaces, and the allocation of some gates near the park, in addition to their toilets.
    • Provides specific places to grill.

    Laws imposed by Jumeirah Beach Park

    • The need to keep the place clean.
    • No person is permitted to bring animals at all, or motorcycles.
    • You must stick to the barbeque areas and stay away from the grassy areas.
    • You should not abuse the electricity or communications connections.
    • It is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the trees and plants in them of any kind of damage.
    • The garden is completely devoid of responsibility for children, each family must take care of its child.
    • Everyone pays for the cost of what he spoiled or vandalized him inside the park.
    • You are not responsible for any theft.
    • It is forbidden to enter or smoke shisha inside the garden.
    • You must stick to the appropriate local attire inside, as it is forbidden to wear inappropriate clothes.
    • You have to take some permissions and license in order to do any marketing method.

    Tips and instructions for the Jumeirah Beach Park

  • You must stop swimming at the red flag, or after sunset.
  • Please dispose of the garbage in the right places, that is, do not throw it in the sand or on plants.
  • You must commit to swimming away from rocks or entering unsafe areas.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring cameras and take pictures.
  • It is not allowed to sleep late at the beach.
  • Not to be subjected to the needs of insult or abuse.
  • The cost of entering the Jumeirah Beach Park

    • The entry fee is simple and available to all people, as it imposes an amount of five dirhams per person, and twenty dirhams on the car.

    times of work

  • Available all week from half past seven in the morning until ten in the evening except for Thursdays and Fridays it remains available for the eleventh hour.
  • On Mondays and Weds, they are only for women and children.
  • Park address

    Located at the opposite restaurant on Beach Road, Jumeirah_Dubai.
    Telephone number

    • +97143492555
    • +971508589887

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