Kerala state

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Kerala state

According to the 2011 division, India includes 29 states and 7 union regions, and this division was determined by the language of the majority of the population in each region, and from the states of India: the state of Delhi, which includes the national capital of India, which is New Delhi, Maharashtra state, West Bengal state, and Karnataka state, And Kerala state. Since each state possesses a capital, the capital of Kerala State is Thiruvananthapuram, which is a state characterized by its achievements in health, social justice, law and order, as well as in education although it has the highest rate of illiteracy in India, and the lowest infant mortality rate in India, It also possesses distinct cultural heritage, a long history full of art, and commercial relations with other countries.


Kerala natural beauty returns to its unique location, where it is located in the southwest coast of Malabar in India, and is bordered by two states: Karnata and Tamil Nadu, as well as the Lakdiv Sea, and there are 14 provinces, where they spread over an area of ​​38,863 square kilometers.


Kerala lives 3% of the population of India, which makes it ranked thirteenth in terms of population in India, with a population of 35 million in 2020, but the population density in coastal areas is more than the density in the mountains and eastern hills Nevertheless, Kerala has a low fertility rate, compared to a fixed death rate, with a population increase of 4.9% in 2011, and it is expected to become zero in 25 years.
Most Kerala residents are descendants of the first inhabitants of India, who came to the Indian subcontinent during the period 2000 and 1500 BC, and they are called Malayalans, who speak Malayalam, as well as a minority of Tamils. Hinduism is the primary religion in Kerala, but a quarter of the population converts to Islam, and the remaining one-fifth converts to Christianity, and there are also minorities of Sikhs, Buddhism, Judaism, and Jain.


The nature of Kerala state varies between high mountains and coastal plains. It has the highest peak in the Indian Peninsula, which is the summit of Anai Peak. The state of Kerala is called Venice in India, due to the series of lakes, water and rivers therein, and the most famous of these rivers: the Bunani River, Periyar, Chalakudi, and Pampa, which all flow to the Arab River. There are also a number of rainforests, tropical, and spread coconut palm groves.
Rainfall in Kerala falls with an average of 3,000 mm annually, and in the months from July to September, the state is exposed to southwest monsoons, as well as from October to November, reversible monsoons, that is, north Oriental. As the climate in the state changes during the year, it ranges from 20 ° to 27 °, or 32 ° C. This climate has affected the nature of the wildlife in it, spreading sambar deer, wild goats, as well as tigers, elephants, monkeys, cobra, as well as peacocks, and other animals.


Many civilizations successively passed over Kerala, for the city’s archaeological monuments indicate an era in which people lived between the tenth century B.C. to the fifth century AD, that is, in the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Among the most famous tribes that ruled Kerala, the Cheras tribe, which had trade relations with the Romans. Then the control of this tribe diminished, and foreign domination began in the fourteenth century. Iran’s rulers were moved to their headquarters in the coastal area of ​​Kozhikode, and during this period, the state witnessed commercial activity with Arab merchants, and religious tolerance prevailed across all communities.
In the year 1908 AD, a congressional committee was formed, and then the struggle began to establish a responsible government between 1938 and 1939, and then the events continued until November 1, 1956, when the new Kerala state was officially opened.


Kerala is a popular destination for many tourists around the world. It is famous for its medical tourism, which treats heart diseases, skin, nervous system, and digestive system, through many Ayurveda centers, which are centers that offer natural treatments, such as: yoga, meditation, and massage. It has many natural places, such as: Kovalam beaches, Albusa, Munnar hills and Vagamon, as well as many waterfalls and temples.


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