Khan Yunis

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Khan Yunis

It is a city built on the ruins and remains of another ancient city that was called in the name of Jens. It was mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus, and built by Prince Yunus al-Dawadar, where he was the first person to write to Sultan Barquq who assumed the throne of rule in Egypt in 1382 AD. A fortified fortress he called the castle of Barquq in 1387 AD, and it was used by travelers to betray them on their way between Egypt and the Levant.

Khan Younis city website

This city is located today in the middle of the strip, which extends in length to approximately forty-six kilometers, and its average width is about ten kilometers, between the Palestinian city of Rafah and even Gaza City, and the perception of this city has changed over the years afterwards; it is known In the past, it was a stop for caravans of merchants, a place to set up and conduct their deals.

The towns of Khan Yunis

Khan Yunis is considered a governorate of the Gaza Strip, with a population of 370,638 people, according to statistics published in 2020, and it is indicated that it contains many of its towns, as follows:
The name of the town
Population according to 2020
The area of ​​the town
Khan Younes
205,125 people
53.5 sq km
41,439 people
6.85 sq km
Khan Yunis camp
41,182 people
1.21 sq km
29,004 people
16.2 sq km
Abasan Al Kabira
26,767 people
12.6 sq km
11,388 people
4.74 sq km
New Abasan
9,290 people
3.42 sq km
6,443 people
9.36 sq km


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