King Istanbul Restaurant Haskral Hatay Sofrası is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul among the visitors of the Arab city, because of its rich dishes, and its crew with extensive experience, and some of its members are proficient in the Arabic language. A leading business.
As for the address of the King Istanbul Restaurant, it is located in the area of ​​Aksaray Istanbul, which is distinguished by its ancient field, which is considered one of the important places of tourism in Istanbul, and near the metro station specifically. The new King Istanbul Florya restaurant has opened recently.
The Aksaray branch, the subject of our article, has warm decorations and an open kitchen, where food is cooked in front of customers, and includes internal and external sessions, and it is one of the most visited restaurants, and it is considered one of the halal restaurants, and one of the most important places of tourism in Turkey for Arab visitors.

King Istanbul Restaurant

Food famous for serving the King Restaurant in Istanbul

Kebab and grill dishes stand out as the most popular restaurant in Istanbul for the king, and although most, if not all, customers praised all the dishes offered by the restaurant, the minister’s kebab and pasha kebab dish, which may be more than a meter long , Has had a lion’s share in the approval of visitors, in addition to the fact that the restaurant is fully prepared to provide banquets and host large numbers of customers and tourist groups.

King's Restaurant in Istanbul

The menu consists of Haas Kral Istanbul restaurant consisting of 26 pages illustrated that includes the name of the dish and its components in Arabic and Turkish languages. The stuffed sheep shoulder plate and stuffed chicken dish, covered with salt, are among the most requested dishes in the restaurant.

King's Restaurant in Istanbul

Customers can enjoy salads and appetizers, a plate of lentil soup, seasonal natural juices and soft drinks at the start of the meal.
Then comes the role on different types of main course, which includes different grills and stuffings, stuffed lambs, stuffed chicken, kebab tones, meatballs, pastries and kebabs.
After that, the customers conclude their hearty meal with dishes of Turkish and Arab sweets of various kinds, and seasonal fruits, to several types of kunafa.

King's Restaurant in Istanbul

The prices of the King’s restaurant in Istanbul vary significantly, with the price of a meal per person ranging between 65 to 250 TL, equivalent to approximately 11 to 43 dollars, depending on demand. The restaurant offers many offers for banquets, buffets, tourist groups, and during official national events, And in the blessed month of Ramadan.
The individual meal includes lentil soup dish, rice dish, salad dish and appetizers, main course, natural juices, soft drinks, and candy.

King Istanbul restaurant menu

King's Restaurant in Istanbul

Has Kral Istanbul Restaurant

King's Restaurant in Istanbul

Has Kral Istanbul Restaurant

King Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey

Reservations and inquiries can be made by visiting the restaurant’s official website from here

Opening times at King Istanbul Restaurant

Everyday from 9 am to 12 midnight.

King Istanbul Restaurant Reviews

Has Karal Istanbul restaurant got an average of 85% positive ratings due to the variety of dishes it offers, which were described in totality as the most delicious in Istanbul, the general atmosphere, the level of hygiene, the experience of the staff and their goodwill are appreciated by the majority of visitors. Stuffed lamb is one of the restaurant’s most requested dishes.
90% of customers commented positively on the quality of the items used in cooking dishes, and desserts, of all kinds, were liked.

Attractions near King Istanbul Restaurant

It is 450 meters from Historia Mall Istanbul, Al-Fatih Mosque and Laleli Mosque 900 meters, Friday Market in Istanbul and Lalali District of Istanbul 1 km, while Al-Fateh Istanbul Bazaar is 1.1 km, Al-Fateh Street Istanbul 1.3 km, Al-Fassat Street in Istanbul 1, 5 km, away from the Arab Street in Istanbul and the Bazda Hotel, 1.6 km away. The port of Yenikapi and the Grand Bazar Istanbul are 1.8 km away from them.
The King Istanbul Restaurant is just 350 meters from Sufra Istanbul Restaurant, just 5 minutes by car.

Hotels near King Istanbul Restaurant

Boulevard Palace Hotel Istanbul is one of the best 4-star hotels in Istanbul. It is 800 meters from King Istanbul Restaurant

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated very good for location, staff, services, facilities, hygiene, and comfort.
Hotel reservation
Kaya Madrid Istanbul Hotel is a 3-star Lalali Istanbul hotel, 400 meters from King Istanbul Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received satisfactory ratings on location and proximity to services, level of hygiene, food quality, and staff cooperation.
Hotel reservation

The location of the King Restaurant in Istanbul

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