Kish Island in Iran

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Kish Island

Kish Island is considered one of the most important tourist places that many tourists from various Iranian regions visit, in addition to considering it a free and economical region, and it differs from other regions of Iran in that it is free in the systems and laws followed there, it does not adhere to any regulations or Laws applied to other Iranian regions, and this island is characterized by the ability of tourists to enter without any restrictions or visas to enter, in addition to the presence of many recreational activities that suit all groups, and there are special places for Islamic and conservative families.

Tourism on the island of Kish

There are many areas of beauty and splendor on the island of Kish that are worth visiting by tourists, namely:

Dolphin park

This garden was established in the year 1377, and two years later the first part was opened in it, where they undertook many projects in this garden such as the establishment of a group of water basins for dolphins, in addition to the garden for birds, and gardens that contain several types of different plants, in addition to To plan for the completion of other projects but they have not been completed yet, the most important of which is building three high-level hotels, a garden for cacti, building many underwater tunnels, the establishment of the port related to water games, a special ostrich farm, and a city that contains various games for children, in addition to construction M Focus on global shopping.

birds Garden

This garden contains the presence of various types of birds and animals that number more than fifty-seven species, such as pelicans, ducks, and blue-and-yellow macaws, storks and other species.

The historic city of Harira

It is estimated that the age of this city is eight hundred years, and it is one of the most important tourist places on the island of Kish. It contains houses, a mosque for worship, and a bathroom.

Carys City

It is an underground city, and it is one of the cities that belong to the remaining monuments of the ancient Iranian era. It is a number of underground channels. Rehabilitation of one of the channels was carried out in the form of deep and wide tunnels, and it is characterized by the presence of predominant architecture on these channels. Among the areas that are characterized by the presence of recreational and tourist places that attract tourists when visiting, and the temperature of these tunnels throughout the year ranges between 22-25 degrees Celsius, and there are many plans to establish restaurants for popular cuisine, and places to work Iranian handicrafts and other other services within these Except hypocrisy.


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