Best ski resorts
1. Aspen Colorado State / USA
Aspen is the most popular ski resort in America and one of the most popular resorts in the world.
This resort tops the list of the best ski resorts around the world, as this resort can be counted among the distinguished resorts around the world. This resort spans about 2,400 meters in the Rocky Mountains.
Although Aspen is the best known ski resort, in reality, it offers unlimited opportunities for fun all year round.

Although the ice disappears completely in the summer months, it retains its beauty to be one of the least attractive tourist destinations with excellent conditions for golfing and exploring the surrounding areas of the wonderful mountains.

2. Cerro Cathedral / Argentina
Many people are surprised when they see the name Argentina on this list of the best and most attractive ski destinations in the world. If so, you do not know Argentina well! Let’s not forget that Argentina is one of the longest and most impressive destinations because it has mountain ranges on the planet like the Andes.
Cerro Cathedral is the most famous ski resort in Latin America. Which is located along a more than 1000 meters high in the very picturesque forest lands. The surrounding area has many lakes and rivers, which contribute to its transformation into a world-class tourist resort.
The resort is slightly less than Huabei Nahuel Lake, which is part of Nahuel Huapi National Park. Here you can perfectly combine skiing and relaxing around the clean beaches of the lake.

3. Bansko, Bulgaria / European Union
Bansko is a small town, which has gradually become one of the most promising ski resorts not only in Bulgaria but in Europe. The main advantage of its unique location is at the foot of Mount Pirin, not far from Rila and the Rhodope Mountains.
The mountains of Bulgaria are considered to be among the most beautiful regions in Europe. Today, there is more and more growth in the number of tourists, who are returning here as well as the number of foreigners who want to have fun and buy real estate in Bansko.
Today, Bansko is one of the leading ski centers in Europe. It has large ski tracks and is one of Europe’s sunniest ski resorts.
4. Zermatt / Switzerland
In southern Switzerland near the italyn border is one of the most famous Swiss ski resorts in Zermatt. It is located at the foot of the Matterhorn, with a height of more than 1,600 meters.
Its hierarchical form is well known. The Alps have always been these classic mountains related to skiing in the winter. It is assumed to be among the local ski resorts and the best in the world. The local ski slopes are the most interesting and interesting, of a clean and sound nature in addition to the most useful local culture and cuisine.
Zermatt is itself a charming region. The city has a typical mountain atmosphere. This wonderful place in winter is covered with delicate snow, while in summer it is covered with steep meadows in the Alps with a green carpet.
5. Cortina d ‘Cortina, Italy / European Union
In the eastern italyn Alps, 100 km north of Venice, there is one of the most important ski resorts in southern Europe called Cortina d ‘Cortina, which rises to about 1,200 meters. In general, the climate in this part of Italy is very humid, and during the winter months the air is characterized by moisture to meet the cold northern air masses, and to form a very thick snow cover.
The heavy snow, Cortina d ‘Cortina, turned into a true winter paradise for skiers. Here, in addition to the beautiful scenery, you will also enjoy the exceptional international cuisine with traditions in Italy.
6. Queenstown / New Zealand
Queenstown / New Zealand It is often called New Zealand Resorts with the most beautiful nature in the world. Here you will find stunning mountain scenery in the Southern Hemisphere. Queenstown is about 320 meters high, but is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges of the Southern Alps in winter covered by deep and gentle snow.
Indeed, there is a local landscape in southern Switzerland. It always glorifies New Zealand as an excellent destination for outdoor sports, while it contains opportunities that differ greatly.
In winter, Queenstown offers an amazing blend of beautiful nature, fresh air and lots of snow. Moreover, coinciding with the winter in New Zealand and with the summer in Europe. Even if you are one of those people who prefer mountains to the sea, the direction is clear to New Zealand.
7. Niseko / Japan
On the southwestern part of Hokkaido, Japan’s most important ski resort is Niseko. During the winter months, many visitors are attracted to this resort as it is one of the most attractive places in Japan related to nature.
8. Courchevel, France / European Union
Courchevel, France is one of the best ski resorts in Europe, which is located near the border with Italy in southeastern France. As is well known, it is a popular destination for wealthy tourists and many believe it is the most famous ski resort in the world.
The resort offers more than 100 excellent quality ski slopes for a very high tourist product!
9. Blackcomb, British Columbia / Canada
Blackcomb, British Columbia is the best ski resort in Canada. Which is located north of the picturesque Canadian city of Vancouver. The resort is located at an altitude of less than 700 meters.
The ski slopes are close to the town, and therefore fast and easy access. The main feature of the resort is that it is located in one of the most beautiful areas on the west coast of North America.
10. Sankt Anton am Alberg, Austria / European Union
Located a few kilometers from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the western part of Austria it is the most attractive ski resort in the country and one of the most popular resorts in Europe.

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