Kuwait Airways: A detailed report on Kuwait Airways

المسافرون العرب

Kuwait Airways is the national air transport company in the State of Kuwait and one of the oldest members of the Arab Air Transport Association with its birth date that dates back to the beginning of the year 1953, where it shined as an idea with the head of two national businessmen to take a decision to establish it with a budget of 150 thousand Kuwaiti dinars to begin its first official flights in March 1954 to Damascus, Beirut, and Iran.
In 1956, Kuwait Airways Corporation became a government company after suffering from economic problems that resulted in the government buying its shares gradually, until the year 2007, when the company was privatized to become a joint stock company distributing its shares to national and foreign investors and company employees.
Kuwait Airways flights now depart from Kuwait International Airport in the capital, Kuwait, via a fleet of 17 aircraft of the latest global aircraft models, such as A320-200s, A310-300s Rs605-A300,300s-A340, B777.
The following article addresses the most important services and benefits that Kuwait Airways provides to its potential and permanent customers and the most important thing that may be thought about the travel experience on its flights.

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Kuwait Airways A detailed report on Kuwait Airways - Kuwait Airways: A detailed report on Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways features

Kuwait Airways provides its customers with a set of privileges and high-end services that guarantee them comfort, tranquility and enjoyment during the trip and create the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty to the company, such as:
Comfortable seats with enough extra space to stretch your legs, and you can make the seat completely flat if you want to lie down and sleep.
• Personal screens behind each seat with headphones to enjoy the latest cinematic and cartoon films, musical and lyrical compositions, and various radio and television programs, with games for children and a shopping magazine.
• Easy to book and amend trip data and request meals and special assistance via the company’s website, agent offices or the main branch number.
• Full-service halls to receive businessmen, diplomats and senior visitors, with additional seats for personal effects on request.
• Sales and customer service personnel at the highest level to meet the needs of travelers in various destinations reached by Kuwait Airways aircraft.
• Premium perks and gifts for frequent travelers on Kuwait Airways flights

Onboard services

Kuwaiti Airlines provides its passengers with a large and distinguished number of services on its planes to suit different tastes and ages for all family members, ensuring them comfort, calm and contentment and cuts into long journey time, and perhaps the most important of these services:

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the food

During its flights, Kuwait Airways offers healthy and useful meals suitable for all ages, from infants and children to the elderly, the sick, and dieters for health or ideological reasons, in addition to an extensive list of non-alcoholic drinks and fruits.
However, it is preferable for parents to prepare milk meals and foods that their infants prefer to eat and that can be heated on board.


You can enjoy watching the latest in your favorite brands of international movies, including popular chains, while listening to favorite music through the screens and headphones provided by Kuwait Airways on some flights.
As for your children, they can enjoy watching some animation films or having fun with the free games provided by Kuwait Airways on its flights.


On board its aircraft, Kuwait Airways provides many modern and luxurious facilities that provide passengers with comfort and satisfaction with the level of services provided during the flight, such as comfortable seats with extra legroom and lying down, headphones to listen to the entertainment contents, and baby carriages.

the shopping

Kuwait Airways offers a wonderful, enjoyable and unique experience for shopping in the air through the Al Sogha magazine available on the Kuwait Airways aircraft, which offers a wonderful series of goods at ideal prices and discounts, such as perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, eyewear, fashion, and various women’s and men’s requirements that can be purchased from the free markets that deal with The company.

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Travel classes on Kuwait Airways flights

Kuwait Airways has 3 classes for traveling on its planes, each of which are different from each other in what it provides high level benefits and services to its passengers, namely:

Business Class / First Class

Passengers of this class have comfortable seats with blankets and extra legroom, lying down and sleep options.
Seat pre-selection when booking online.
Various forms of entertainment such as movies and modern songs, distinctive music tracks, radio and TV programs, free games for children, baby carriages.
A variety of delicious meals suitable for different ages and tastes and take into account the different healthy and ideological diets with non-alcoholic drinks.
Limousine services at London International Airport are pre-booked.
Airport halls (Dasman – Oasis), reception and farewell staff, help in completing travel procedures, meeting the needs of travelers, and supervising the implementation of the required services.

Economy class

Passengers of this class enjoy comfortable seats, back-mounted screens and headphones to follow the diverse cinematic, programmatic, radio and entertainment content and favorite tracks.
Various and delicious meals and drinks that take into consideration the different healthy and ideological diets and also those with sick conditions.
Special care for young children, infants and unaccompanied children as well.
Ease of booking and tracking the progress of the trip and its details online.

Kuwait Airways and baggage policy

The luggage policy pursued by Kuwait Airways varies according to the class of travel on its flights as follows:

Royal Passenger

Royal passengers are allowed to carry 3 pieces of free luggage with a weight of 32 kg per piece.

business class

Passengers of this class are permitted two pieces of 32 kg of luggage for free.

first degree

Passengers of this class are allowed two pieces of free luggage and a weight of 32 kg per piece.

Economy class

Passengers of this class are permitted two pieces of 23 kg of luggage for free.
It is also allowed to carry a handbag with some personal belongings of the passenger to the cabin of the plane in a number of two to two pieces with a weight of 7 kg and the dimensions of 115 cm, while the infants are also allowed a luggage weight of 10 kg and a total dimensions of 115 cm at all levels and for all destinations.
In the event that the allowable weight and dimensions of the checked baggage allowance are exceeded, fees must be paid at check-in offices at the different airports, at KWD 45 for the first bag for all destinations and classes, at KWD 65 for the second bag, and for KWD 85 for the third bag.
The dimensions of the excess baggage allowance are estimated at 158 ​​cm for Economy and Business Class, 300 cm for First and Royal.

Book tickets on Kuwait Airways

To book travel tickets on Kuwait Airways, you can go to one of the company’s agents offices and spread around the world, or book easily while you are at your home through the Kuwait Airways website on the Internet by specifying the country of departure and the destination and time of flight to be booked.

Check in

Through the reservation management section of the site, you can monitor your flight itinerary, print it, determine the seat you want to reserve, the meals and services that are preferred on board the flight, as well as complete travel procedures or cancel your trip and redeem the ticket online.
To receive the boarding pass, it is preferable to be present at the departure airport at least four hours before the flight date, to complete the inspection and inspection procedures and passports, then to receive the card from the departure hall of Kuwait Airways.

Travel destinations on Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways provides flights to 46 destinations / cities around the world on the four main continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and North America), the most important of which are:
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Kuwait City
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Alexandria
Kuwait Airways flights from / to Sharm El Sheikh
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Beirut
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Jeddah
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Abu Dhabi
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Najaf, Iraq
Kuwait Airways flights to / from Doha

Summary of customer reviews

According to the comments of 1053 people who have traveled on Kuwait Airways flight, Kuwait Airways got a 3/5 rating on TripAdvisor to book and evaluate flights.

common questions

This item presents a set of the most important and most common questions on the minds of potential Kuwait Airways travelers and the adequate answers to them, such as:

When can I book a flight with Kuwait Airways online?

You can book and set the desired time for your flight on Kuwait Airways until 24 hours before the departure of the flight.

How can I receive my tickets I booked online?

After you make the online reservation process, you will receive a message in the email that you registered during it. The letter includes an electronic copy of the ticket that you can print at any time and take with you when traveling.

Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my flight?

You can cancel your flight and redeem the ticket by first calling the Kuwait Airways customer service number, then visiting the company’s nearest sales office.
And in case you want to make any changes to your flight schedule on Kuwait Airways or add meals or services that you need during the trip, you can do this easily through the company’s website.

What is the procedure if I miss my flight on Kuwait Airways?

If your flight originates from Kuwait, you should call the company’s customer service number 171, or visit its nearest sales office.

Can I upgrade my tourist ticket to First Class or Business Class?

You can upgrade your class to business or first class by visiting the nearest sales office of Kuwait Airways before traveling or contacting the company’s sales officials at the departure airport before departure.

What is the Oasis Club service provided by Kuwait Airways?

Al Waha Club is a loyalty program designed by Kuwait Airways for frequent travelers on its flights. By creating a personal or family electronic account through the company’s website, you and your family can earn miles or free points that you use to make reservations for hotels and restaurants, rent cars, or enjoy the services of communication companies, or obtain Sale or purchase vouchers from partner shopping centers, and you can book Hajj and Umrah trips using these points.
Oasis Club Cards are available to frequent travelers in several colors, each providing a different number of points and benefits that you can control and manage with your personal online account.

What is the best time to be at the airport before traveling?

It is preferable to be at the airport 4 hours before the flight, as the check-in office closes one hour before the scheduled departure time.

What is the procedure in case of luggage lost or damaged during a flight on Kuwait Airways?

In the event that any of your luggage is lost or damaged, please inform the officials of the Kuwait Airways Delivery Office at the destination airport or arrival and before leaving the customs area provided that the luggage policies shown on the Kuwait Airways website are adhered to in terms of quality, weight and size, then you will be given a reference number To keep track of your search and tracking progress and inform you of developments.

What are the procedures imposed by Kuwait Airways for pregnant travel?

Kuwait Airways accepts travel for pregnant women before the 27th week of their pregnancy after filling out a form on the company’s website and informing the reservation offices of the duration of pregnancy, its existing or potential complications and the date of previous births without the permission of the specialist doctor.
In the event that the 27th week of pregnancy exceeds 32 weeks, a permit from the treating doctor must be submitted a week before the flight date, the date of birth and the validity of air travel for the case must be determined.
While it is strictly prohibited for a pregnant woman to board the Kuwait Airways aircraft after completing 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Does Kuwait Airways accept unaccompanied children traveling on their planes?

Kuwait Airways allows children from 6 to 12 years to travel on board their flights unaccompanied and without additional fees.
Only the guardian of the child or one of the parents completes the unaccompanied child travel form while completing the ticket reservation process through the Kuwait Airways website or visiting one of the agents offices, and the form must be kept and printed for delivery at the check-in office when the child arrives at the departure portal.

What aspects of care do patients and persons with disabilities enjoy on Kuwait Airways flights?

Kuwaiti Airlines provides its travelers with special needs with special care and care, only please contact the concerned department in the ground handling office before check-in to provide the necessary needs, or report these needs while booking at one of the agents ’offices or via the company’s website which can amend the travel form data Through it also, or by calling 171, which is the phone number of the company’s head office in Kuwait if the flight departs.
You can also take your wheelchair and stick during your travel as it is registered with the luggage and delivered to you at the destination airport upon check-out, while providing a wheelchair through Kuwait Airways to connect you to the door of the plane.

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