La Mer Dubai is the best beach destination in Jumeirah

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We offer you the most important information about the La Mer Dubai, one of the best tourist attractions in the Emirates, Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, as it is visited by more than 10 million tourists annually, due to the tremendous development witnessed by the tourism sector in the city through attention By creating a lot of tourist resorts around the country, which includes a lot of recreational activities to attract more tourists, and in Arab travelers, you can see one of the latest tourism projects in the Emirates, which is for the Emir of Dubai in order to get to know his most prominent features.

Emir of Dubai

The most important information about the Emir of Dubai

  • The Lamir project is a beach area in the Jumeirah area that includes many of the most beautiful tourist attractions, and is the ideal destination for those looking for calm and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city and for families and friends, and is characterized by its picturesque view as it surrounds the beach many palm trees, along with its white sands.
  • The area of ​​the Lamir Dubai project reaches 13.4 million square feet, and the first phase of it was opened in 2020, and this project is divided into a number of sections, the most notable of which is La Mer South and La Mer North. They were opened in the first phase, the length of La Mer Beach is about 2.5 km, and includes approximately From 130 stores and restaurants.
  • The location of La Mer is precisely in Jumeirah 1, which lies between Dubai Marina Beach Club Resort and Pearl Jumeirah.
  • If you are in the city center, you can reach by car to the resort site by going to the northwest of Burj Khalifa, where you walk Al-Safa Street until you reach B77 Street, but if you are in the Jebel Ali area, you must cross the Dubai Water Canal and pass through Mercato Mall, and if you are Close to the Rashidiya area, you must pass the Jumeirah Mosque and the Union Museum, where you will find a sign for the Emir on the right.

The advantages and services of Emir Dubai

  • It includes a private playground for children, which includes all their recreational games.
  • You can do a lot of fun activities at the beach, like boating and surfing, activities that allow you to enjoy the clear waters of the sea, along with kayaking and beach soccer with friends.
  • Inside this place there are many changing rooms and showers, as well as prayer rooms for men and women.
  • One of the suitable places for people with special needs, from there they can rent free wheelchairs for them, in addition to having dedicated toilets for them.
  • Another advantage of this place is the presence of many charging stations that enable you to charge your phone’s battery if it is depleted.
  • The Lamire Beach also includes another part, the Lamir Wharf “The Wharf” which was opened last year, and includes cinema halls alongside the Laguna Water Park, restaurants and shops, as well as a hotel of the highest level of service for guests.

Amir Dubai Jumeirah restaurants

  • The Lamir region includes many restaurants that offer the best of international and local cuisine, as it includes a number of Lebanese and Turkish restaurants, as well as fish and burgers, and there are healthy restaurants for those who want to lose weight and those who follow a healthy diet in general.
  • Among the most prominent of these restaurants: Iraqi Agati Restaurant, Big Burger, Badou Chinese, Al-Shorfa Restaurant, Babel Restaurant.

Times of visiting restaurants and cafes daily starting from ten in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night.
Visiting store times in the emir of Dubai start from Sunday to Wednesday from ten in the morning until ten in the evening, and from Thursday to Saturday from ten in the morning until twelve in the middle of the night, and for more information about the services of the emir of Dubai, you can visit the official website https: //


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