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Lebanon has a very picturesque nature, it overlooks and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and the North of Lebanon is abundant with many coastal regions that have gained a historical status since ancient times, and to the city of Zgharta, which is located in northern Lebanon, is considered an important tourist destination throughout the seasons of the year, as this city rises above the surface The sea is 150 meters long, which makes it enjoy a mild coastal climate, aside from that it is surrounded on all sides by olive and lemon trees, the two rivers, the River Juaite, and most importantly, the Banshae Lake.

Lake Banchay

It is an artificial lake located in Zgharta in northern Lebanon, because the lake is not made by nature, but the idea of ​​making it by the ambitious young Lebanese Charbel Maroun, and co-funded and supervised by the former Lebanese Minister Suleiman Franjieh, to promote the nature in the north of Lebanon tourist, as well as a water tank to irrigate trees And the surrounding lands; to achieve these goals the lake was built and opened on the twenty-fifth of July 1998 AD, the lake is a dam with a depth of 18 meters, and the length reached 600 meters and the width 200 meters, and the dam’s storage capacity of water is 700 thousand cubic meters of water, the lake is now she An important tourist attraction and nature reserve in Lebanon.

The road to Banshai Lake

Lake Banshae is approximately one and a half hours away from Beirut, and the district of Zgharta is ten minutes away, and it can be reached through the Tripoli Road to Zgharta to Ehden, and some people take the Shkoura Highway road leading to Banshay, and others reach the lake from the junction of the Cedar Zone road in The northern coast, and then passing the green globe surrounding the olive trees.

The most important landmarks of Lake Banchey

Surrounded by a lake of Nachiei mountains that are covered with green trees, which led to the dam becoming a lake and a natural outlet that visitors flock to enjoy the air, purity and serenity of nature, and this has been the establishment of many tourist restaurants to provide services to visitors, and paving the shores of the lake with a five-meter wide cornice for the purposes of walking, running and enjoying In her view.
Because of the large number of trees surrounding the lake, many types of birds were brought and raised to make them a protected and natural park, and many fish were raised there, and among the services that also offer boat rides to stroll inside the lake.
In 2010, a museum was established in the mountain that borders the lake, and it is a museum specialized in displaying dead animals, such as predators and pets, marine creatures of all kinds, birds such as: eagles, falcons, pelicans, ostriches, etc., as well as various reptiles, and thousands of butterflies, and are brought These animals are from all over the world, until this unique museum becomes universal, displaying all animals, reptiles, insects, fish and birds in one place. It is not only a museum but a natural encyclopedia of animals.

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