Lake Cities

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Lake Cities

Madinah Lake is considered one of the largest industrial lakes in Saudi Arabia, and it is known to be environmentally friendly, as its water is treated by environmental methods to always be renewed.
Today, this lake is considered one of the important tourist facades in the city of Dammam, which has given this city an environmental importance that increases to its great importance, as it is an outlet for the residents of the eastern region, as well as for those working in it, and for everyone who visited it and loved to enjoy times of rest and recovery.

Geographical location

Lake Cities is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the city of Dammam, within the second industrial zone in it, as the area of ​​this lake reaches two hundred and ten thousand square meters, or by fifty-two percent within a huge project with a total area of ​​four hundred thousand square meters.

Lake opening

The lake’s Prince, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, inaugurated this lake, on the fourteenth of Rabi` al-Awal for the year one thousand four hundred and thirty-five for immigration, which corresponds to the fifteenth of March of the year two thousand and fourteen AD, and was accompanied by the Minister of Trade and Industry in the country Tawfiq Al Rabiah, which was established by the Saudi Commission for Industrial Estates and Technology Zones in the Modon region, and the cost of constructing this lake amounted to one hundred and eighteen million Saudi riyals.

The Lake Project

SOCA has sold the treated water, which is suitable for industrial use, as it treated the water from industrial waste, as well as sanitation, to convert to renewable water, in addition to filtering the surplus of this water to the second industrial city lake in Dammam, with all its components, whether Biological or vegetable.

The project contains green areas, and about seven hundred and sixty palms were planted, distributed geometrically throughout the lake, which gives it a wonderful shape of a special beauty, in addition to the presence of pedestrian paths, designed with the highest distinctive specifications, which provide all services to visitors to this lake.

future plans

Those in charge of the lake project confirm that a future plan has been put in place for housing around the surrounding lake, as it will build numbers of buildings, which may exceed five hundred housing units, especially for families who want to live there, as well as those working in it.
These plans include supporting the infrastructure, to make this region integrated, in terms of vital and development projects that will include the treatment plant, as well as the drying of ancient lakes in it, and the distribution of local water within modern networks, and other tree planting projects, in addition to the establishment of a special plant for reverse osmosis.


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