Lake Geneva and the best 5 hotels overlooking it

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Lake Geneva Also known as Lac Lehmann, it is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and is located on the path of the Rhone River on the border between France and Switzerland, the most famous and largest city overlooking it is the capital of peace “Geneva”, and there are an important number of cities to other that you can go to .. For those interested in visiting this tourist attraction, we will also introduce you The best Geneva hotels on the lake.
Regardless of the city of Geneva, which is the capital of the Canton of Geneva, most of the tourist destinations spread over the lake region are located in the Swiss province of Vaud, which is the largest canton in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, or in the French province of Haute-Savoie.
The lake region is characterized by its varied geography, where the Jura Mountains in the north embrace the mountain plains in the center and southwest of the Alps, and as we mentioned earlier, the main attractions are the cities and towns surrounding the shores of the lake, not to mention the opportunities for skiing and hiking between mountain ranges, and of course The lake itself is the main landmark.

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The cities and towns surrounding Lake Geneva

جنيف وأفضل 5 فنادق تطلُّ عليها - Lake Geneva and the best 5 hotels overlooking it
Whether you choose to stay in one of the best Geneva hotels on the lake, or in one of the medium or limited budget hotels, or in any of the lodges located in various cities and towns, you should make trips to other towns that lie on the banks of the lake or villages that rise above the Alps .
Geneva is the largest and most famous lake city, too, along with a city Lausanne Sparkling with its monuments, museums and gardens, it is the capital of the Canton of Vaud, and on the railway route between them there is a city neon It is proud of its Romen ruins and is a pleasant town in which expatriates abound, there is also a city Montreux Which is called the jewel of the Swiss Riviera, and the small city of Vevey in the center of the Swiss Riviera is also worth a visit as it is the headquarters of the world famous Nestle Company.
One of the cities that you will have to visit if you are a fan of hiking and hiking is a city Eagle Which is a starting point towards the mountains of Vaud Alps and has a very impressive castle, and in the town Cobit You will meet medieval charm on the lake, a town very close to Geneva.

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Lovers of various adventures and sports, especially those that provide you with flying in the sky on a date with The city of chateau duAnd its summer is very beautiful if you try skydrive or ride air balloons or paragliding, not to mention mountain sports such as hiking, mountain biking, water sports, kayaking and more.
And if it is Lee Diableri One of the most popular ski resorts and hiking destinations in the Alpine mountains of Vaud, is Villarsor Olon It is the town’s best resort for beginners skiing and families, as it is a town Lysine It is also characterized by more than that through the most famous international schools in skiing.

The best Geneva hotels on the lake

1581237901 576 بحيرة جنيف وأفضل 5 فنادق تطلُّ عليها - Lake Geneva and the best 5 hotels overlooking it
Do you want to Book a special tourist offer to Lake Geneva? Whether you are looking for a romantic vacation, a family trip, or an all-inclusive vacation, Arab travelers offer you a range of options that make your trip enjoyable and affordable. From here you can see the most popular hotels in Geneva, and if you are looking for the best hotels overlooking Lake Geneva, here is the list highlighted below:

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The Ritz-Carlton de la Paix The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix

A wonderful historic hotel that received a complete restoration and refurbishment during this year. It is located on the shores of the lake shore, in the center of Geneva, close to the old town and the most important attractions, not to mention the Cornavin Train Station. The elegant hotel has comfortable rooms and spacious suites decorated with beautiful decorations and wonderful brushes, and most importantly, most of them have stunning views of Lake Geneva, making it the preferred choice for resident couples in the framework of honeymoon trips to Switzerland. You can also enjoy international cuisine in the Living Room Restaurant, and do not miss sports at a fitness center.

Grand Kempinski Hotel Grand Kempinski

1581237901 802 بحيرة جنيف وأفضل 5 فنادق تطلُّ عليها - Lake Geneva and the best 5 hotels overlooking it
Another luxurious five-star hotel in Geneva, perhaps what makes it one of the best hotels overlooking the lake besides the distinguished location is the options and services available in it, it has 3 international restaurants that attract gourmets, and a spa center for distinguished therapeutic sessions, in addition to the fitness center Physical and indoor pool is the largest in the city, and entertainment here also has a large space represented by the Lyman theater that hosts international artists, and the most wonderful thing in your stay here is that all rooms are equipped with electronic boards, they also have a large space and beautiful designs increase your comfort.

– President Wilson Hotel President Wilson

Great hotel of the best of Geneva, located on the waterfront promenade, and residents can enjoy beautiful views of the city Lake Geneva As well as on the Alps and the summit of Mont Blanc, guests prefer many other reasons such as the luxury spa center “La Mag” and the outdoor pool, and varied dining options in the Umami Japanese Restaurant and the Bayview award-winning Michelin in addition to the Lebanese Arabesque restaurant, the most distinctive when Your stay at President Wilson will give you a chance to ride a little proximity to reach the Old Town and the shopping district.

Four Seasons Hotel de Berg Four Seasons Hotel Geneva

1581237901 238 بحيرة جنيف وأفضل 5 فنادق تطلُّ عليها - Lake Geneva and the best 5 hotels overlooking it
It is a privileged place to stay in Geneva, in addition to being located directly in the city center on the shores of the lake, it is located in a historical building dating back to the year 1834, and all of its rooms feature high ceilings and a unique style in design and classic furnishings. The hotel includes the luxurious italyn restaurant Il Lago, a spa and fitness session area and an indoor pool. This hotel is very suitable for business travelers as it provides them with many services.

England Hotel Hotel D’Angleterre

It is a five-star hotel located just 4 minutes from the shore of the lake, offering stunning views of it and Mount Mont Blanc on the other side, not far from the most important landmarks of the capital of peace, such as the financial district and the United Nations headquarters. The hotel has a great outlet for international cuisine, especially Swiss, and it is the elegant Windows restaurant that hosts you and provides you with a direct view of the lake. As for the hotel rooms, they are spacious and elegantly furnished with luxurious bathrooms and lots of high-end facilities.

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