Lake Lido

المسافرون العرب

Lake Lido

There are many scenic landscapes that attract visitors to visit and enjoy, and among the Asian countries that enjoy the beauty of the irresistible nature is Indonesia. The climate of this mountain is moderate, and it takes about an hour and a half to reach it by car. After that, a famous lake, Lido Lake, is reached.

Geographical location

Lake Lido is located at the foot of Mount Puncak, which is located in the south of Bogor and Puncak City, and the mountain is 80 km from Jakarta, and the Lido Lake is one of the most important tourist places for the city of Bogor, and it can be reached by the way of the road leading to Sukabumi, where the lake is an hour and a half From the city of Sukabumi.

Lake description

Lake Lido is located in the middle of green mountains, where the lake is a beautiful break that invites its visitors to wander around, when arriving on the lake there are a lot of bamboo boats, which are rented under a condition determined by the person who wants it, and the rental of boats is usually an hour, and the hours are covered. , And the person chooses it from a small pond for fish. There are many restaurants that offer fish as a main meal for lake visitors.

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Besides the lake, there is a small airport, or a take-off center for windsurfing, and it is dedicated to making tourist tours that the visitor hires to enjoy the beauty of Lake Lido, and it is also possible to ride the parachute through a high plateau to ride the safety of the pilgrim, to board the pilgrims.

While touring Lake Lido, after seeing floating fish restaurants that give him the opportunity to fish from the lake, he will realize that there are three moorings for the lake boats. Dotted with tropical fruits, grilled corn, and coconuts sold by street vendors, the lake is surrounded by residential compounds and cafes serving drinks.

The features of the lake are clear, and it is filled with visitors who visit it, and what distinguishes it are also those narrow boats; it works on one motor, and its prices are very high, and the mission of these boats is to reach the floating restaurant, which is famous for its high prices compared to other restaurants located on the lake shore.

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There are also hotels that visitors visit for overnight stay; hotel service is an indispensable service when such a place is away from the capital within an hour and a half. Lake Lido is a tourist attraction and a beautiful natural outlet. The lake can be depicted with all its contents, such as the water that comes out of the green forest, and the lake is surrounded by herbs and green trees.

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