The turquoise waters that reflect the shades of the sky of the magnificent Lake Morin hidden in the Banff National Valley guarded by ten charming mountains of the Canadian mountain rocky chain shine, feeding the lake on glaciers to give them more intense and vibrant shadows when light refracts in front of the splendor of small glaciers and waterfalls flowing from rock piles Carved.

The lake provides an ideal romantic getaway for those looking for a luxurious honeymoon haven, as it is the preferred destination for a relaxing holiday to sit on the banks of the lake and absorb the beautiful landmarks and enjoy the fresh mountain air, or explore more about this beautiful lake through rowing boats and hiking in nature That will leave an unforgettable impact in your memory.

Lake Morin is located 14 kilometers southeast of Lake Louise, and is about 1,885 meters above sea level, so the lake does not start melting before June. The glacial lake gets its amazing blue color from the minerals in the water that melt with the pieces of ice flowing from the surrounding mountains. The “Ten Ten” valley contains the third highest peak in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which exceeds 3540 meters.

Banff Hotel stands out with its exotic architecture to reflect the dramatic beauty of Banff National Park that surrounds the lake, while rugged snow-covered peaks and clear waters surrounded by pine trees are ideal for taking pictures.

Snow blocks the lake’s access road all year round and is only accessible between June and September, and visitors can rent a boat or try one of the paths that penetrates the wonderful nature ranging from light walking to arduous picnics. The Rockpile Trail is easy and short, running along a beach to the top of the natural dam.

Other paths that reveal the beauty of the lake include “Lakeshore Trail”, “Eiffel Lake”, “Wenkchemna Pass” and “Larch Valley”. In the autumn, the galleries are illuminated in shades of rich yellow, golden, and orange colors, giving a surreal backdrop to hiking. Ski lovers can take a 15-km adventure near the lake, which is not permitted during the winter season, as the ski runs end at the surrounding mountain peaks.

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