Landmarks in Qatar

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The State of Qatar is a peninsula located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, with its capital, Doha, bordered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its land borders, and the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain share in its maritime borders, followed by a number of islands, such as: Halul Islands, Al-Ashat, and Sherawa, which is a state An independent and sovereign state, and the system of government has a constitutional hereditary emirate, and the Arab state is considered the most advanced in human development, and the highest per capita income in the world, and there is a large oil and natural gas reserves, and distinctive tourist attractions that contribute to attracting tourists from all over the world.

Landmarks in Qatar

The following are the features of Qatar:

  • Doha Corniche: It is characterized by its view of the city’s stunning views, such as tall towers, the city’s business center, and a natural area for walks away from the noise of vehicles.
  • Souq Waqif: A traditional market revives the Qatari heritage with crowded streets.
  • Katara Cultural District: A cultural heritage that reflects architecture, and it consists of beautiful theaters and halls that offer performances, concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year.
  • The Pearl Qatar: And it is called the Arabian Riviera, and it is an island characterized by its luxury and elegance, and it consists of marina yachts, high-rise residential towers, villas, hotels, cafes and restaurants.
  • Zubara: An archaeological site included in the UNESCO list, dating back to the discovery of Qatar’s history. It consists of the 60-hectare Al-Zubara Fort, which has been restored with the surrounding archeological sites.
  • Khor Al Adeed: It is called the Inland Sea, and it is considered one of the least places in the world where the sea is located in the desert. Therefore, it is considered one of the most wonderful wonders in Qatar.
  • Falcon Market: It is located next to the standing market, and it displays the tools associated with the falcons, and tourists come to them to see the offers of falcons with their coaches.
  • Celine Beach Resort: It is a resort opposite the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, and it mixes the rich oasis between the desert and the beach, and is intended for desert activities.
  • Aspire Park: It is home to the most magnificent natural scenery in Qatar, and the flame of the Aspire Tower, which reaches a length of three hundred meters, and is one of the largest parks in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Dahl Garden Park: It has vast green spaces rich in plants, flowers, play areas, a cave and many bridges.
  • Ammunition reserves: It is intended for tourists to enjoy sightseeing of mangroves, birds on the beach, sea animals, and sea turtle eggs.


We mention the most important museums in Qatar:

  • Islamic art museum: It is one of the cultural destinations in the city, and it consists of a group of wonderful Islamic artifacts.
  • Qatar National Museum: It is the second largest museum in the country with a huge collection of antiquities and antiques. It was built around the original Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani Palace, and is considered one of the places rich in the rich heritage of the State of Qatar, and an example of Arab culture.


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