Landmarks of Damietta

المسافرون العرب

Ras El Bar Island

The island is located at the confluence of the Nile River with the Mediterranean Sea, where the island is characterized by an important strategic location, it takes the form of a triangle, its eastern side is located on the Nile River, and its western side is on the Mediterranean Sea, and its base is a navigational channel for Damietta Port, headed by the Lansan region, It is considered one of the tourist areas, and the famous resorts in Egypt. The island includes a group of tourist places within it: the Al-Jerbi tourist area, the Corniche of the sea, and the Nile Street, in addition to the palm beach, the Ras al-Bar Bay, the tongue area hotel, in addition to the gardens, trees that confer The island is beautiful Charming sale.

Lake Manzala

The lake is located between Damietta and the Suez Canal, and it is considered the largest lake in the delta, the area of ​​the lake amounted to approximately one thousand seven hundred square kilometers, but because of land reclamation and the development of fish farms in it this led to reducing its area to about one thousand two hundred square kilometers, The governorates of Dakahlia, Damietta Governorate, and Port Said Governorate are among the governorates that overlook the lake. The lake is connected to the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the shallow lakes in which there are a number of small islands. The lake is considered a place to catch different types of fish and birds.

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Amr ibn al-Aas mosque

The mosque is considered one of the most famous mosques in Damietta, also called the Al-Fateh Mosque. The mosque was founded in six hundred and forty-two. The mosque includes Kufic inscriptions and columns dating back to the Romen era. It also includes a dome located in the middle of the mosque, and the mosque is surrounded by four iwans. The mosque was converted into a church, in the year one thousand two hundred and nineteen during the Crusaders era, then it was returned to a mosque when the Crusaders left the city in the year one thousand two hundred twenty one.

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Hill traces of parachute

The hill is located on the eastern side of the city of Faraskur, it contains a bathroom dating back to the Romen era, and a water tank inside, to store water, and the hills also include the effects of a residential area, which indicates the presence of a populated residential area, in addition to the presence of a cemetery dating back to the Romen and Coptic era.

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