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Landmarks in South Korea

Suwon City

Suwon city is located 20 miles from Seoul, the capital of Gyeonggi Province, and can be reached from Seoul by car or train, and there is a World Cup stadium called Big Bird, which is hosted quarterly matches The final of the 2002 World Cup is in it. There is also the historic Hwaseong Fortress, which dates back to the eighteenth century. It is characterized by its beautiful architecture.

Chan Cheon

Chuncheon is the capital of Gangwon Province, surrounded by scenic lakes and tall mountains, and many visit it to see its beautiful sights; Heading to the Dakgalbi Street, which features the famous Dakgalbi dish in Korea.

Landmarks in North Korea

Bruce Gucci idea

The Tower of the Juche Idea is located in North Korea, and this tower honors the Gucci philosophy that North Korea is famous for. The tower was unveiled on Kim Il-sung’s birthday in 1982 AD, the tower consists of 25,550 Granite stone; this number is equal to the days of President Kim Il Sung’s life until his seventieth birthday, the tower is 170 meters high, tourists and visitors can climb to the above to enjoy the wonderful view of the capital by elevator.

Pyongyang Metro

The Pyongyang Metro is the most impressive place in the North Korean capital. This metro has two main parts; one of which is intended for use as a shelter in cases of invasions that may extend to the country, and its parts fall below the surface of the earth. You can visit the metro and take a tour of Various stations in it.

South Korea

South Korea is located in the east of the Asian continent in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. It is bordered to the north by the Republic of North Korea, to the east by the Japanese East Sea, to the south by the Chinese Sea, to the west by the Yellow Sea, and the southeastern part is the Strait of Korea Which separates it from the Japanese island of Tsushima, and South Korea includes about 45% of the area of ​​the Korean peninsula.

North Korea

North Korea occupies the northern part of the peninsula located in eastern Asia, and covers an area of ​​55% of the land of the peninsula, and is bounded on the north by China and Russia, and on the south by the Republic of North Korea, in addition to that it overlooks the Japanese East Sea and the Yellow Sea, and its capital is Yong Yang (P’yŏngyang), a city located on the west coast of North Korea, is a center of industry and transportation.

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