Landmarks of Marrakech

المسافرون العرب

Marrakech Night Market

Marrakech night market is a popular destination for many who prefer shopping during the pleasant atmosphere that prevails in the night hours. The intention of this market is to enjoy watching the magic of Moroccan life, which appears clearly in the beating of drums, snake shows and dancing monkeys scattered in the alleys of the market, and the experience of traditional Moroccan cuisine Of sandwiches stuffed with meat and burgers, with a Moroccan character, and henna can be engraved in one of the specialized stores for this.

Majorelle Gardens and Museum of Islamic Art

The founding of Majorelle Gardens dates back to the twentieth century, when this amazing garden was built by French artists Jacques and Louis Majorelle, and a visitor to the park can enjoy seeing the plants and flowers that contain multiple sizes, shapes and colors, as well as fish ponds that are there, and he can also visit the Museum of Art The Islamic, which is also next to the garden, which displays some of the arts of many Moroccan tribes, and other carpets, jewelry and pottery of a Moroccan character.

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Jemaa el-Fna square

The Jamaâ El Fna Square is one of the archaeological sites recognized by UNESCO, and it is the most famous and crowded square in the city of Marrakech, as it contains many performances by street artists, storytellers and snake breeders.

The battalion mosque

The Kataeb Mosque is one of the three oldest Almohad minarets in the world that are still standing today, and this 70-meter-long mosque is distinguished by the beauty of its curved windows, its ornate arches and its red color.

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Bin Youssef Mosque

The construction of the mosque dates back to the twelfth century, and is thus considered the oldest and most important historical building in the city. As for the school attached to the mosque, it was built by Sa’idis in the sixteenth century, and it receives about 900 students who want to learn Islamic jurisprudence.

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