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Landmarks of Oran

The city of Oran includes a number of landmarks, the most important of which are:

St. Cruz Castle

The castle is located on the top of a mountain in Oran, called the Marjago Mountain, established by the Spanish, where construction began in 1577 AD, and they were completed in 1604 AD, the castle includes a small chapel, and this chapel was recently renovated and a tower was built on it. The tower includes the statue of the Virgin Mary , And the castle is characterized by a strategic geographical location that helped preserve its shape.

Oran International Airport

Also called Sania International Airport, Oran Airport is located in the municipality of Sania, west of the Algerian Republic, and its establishment dates back to World War II, where the French built it, and the airport is currently expanding and building a new runway alongside the old runway.

Ain Turk Tourist

It is a water feature that includes a number of hotels, and the Andalus tourist complex overlooking the Mediterranean Gulf, and also contains the Santa Cruz Tower.

Sir Hawari

The area of ​​Sidi Houari, located at the foot of the Marjajou mountain, along Ras Al-Ain, west of Oran, which looks out to the sea is an important historical area in the city, it includes traces dating to several civilizations that stayed in the city, including the Spanish, Turkish and French, it includes the historical forts, Al-Pasha Mosque.

Other parameters

  • Oran Port: The city of Oran is characterized by having a huge port that has the capacity to receive a large number of ships and commercial vessels.
  • Oran University: Where the university was founded in 1965 AD.
  • University of Science and Technology: It was established in 1975 AD in Oran.
  • Municipal Museum: The museum contains exhibitions of Romen and Punic civilization.
  • Tlemcen Museum: The museum contains ancient Islamic art.
  • Obert Library.


Oran is the capital of western Algeria, and it is the second largest city. Oran is located in western Algeria on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of approximately one million people. Oran is considered one of the ancient cities that were established by Andalusians and Moroccans in the tenth century AD.

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