Landmarks of South Korea

المسافرون العرب

South Korea

South Korea relies heavily on tourism, in 2012 it ranked 20th in the world in terms of the most visited countries, with nearly 11 million tourists visited in that year, and most of the tourists were from China, Japan and Taiwan. The tourism movement in South Korea is facilitated by the Korean government’s support for transportation such as trains and buses, which cover most of the cities of South Korea.

Access routes to South Korea

Among the most important means of access to the city of South Korea:

  • Airlines : South Korea is connected to all capitals in the world, and it has eight airports, the most important of which are: Kim Airport located in the capital, Seoul, Incheon International Airport which won the Best International Airport for the year 2006, and Kumhee Airport in Busan, in addition to Cheongju Airport, and others.
  • Shipping lines run by ferries regularly, connecting Shimonoseki Port, Busan, and Fukuoka, via the South Sea in Japan, and shipping lines connecting Tianjin, Incheon, and Weihe, via the Yellow Sea in China.

The most important landmarks in South Korea

South Korea is filled with many places of cultural, historical and civilizational importance, which leads the tourists to go to visit them, in addition to many tourist resorts that provide tourists with an atmosphere of calm, comfort and recreation. Among the most important cities that contain many important tourist attractions:

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  • Seoul City: It is the capital of South Korea, and it is the largest and most famous city in the world. The civilization of the past blends with the development of the present. Among the most important monuments in the city of Seoul:
  • Korean National Museum.
  • Korean National Palace Museum.
  • Seoul Historical Museum.
  • National Library.
  • Han River Park.
  • Seoul Tower, and other famous landmarks of the city.
  • Jeju Island: It is one of the most visited areas in South Korea, as it is one of the ten most attractive regions, and the best in the world. Jeju Island differs from the rest of South Korea, and its most important features are the following:
    • Jeju National Museum of Folk Handicraft.
    • Kwan Om Sa Temple.
    • Glass Castle.
    • Mount Hallasan National Park.
  • The island of Eau de.
  • Peace and Military History Museum.
  • Kyung Jo: It is the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Sheila, whose rule spanned thousands of years, which gave it great historical importance, and made it an open museum, so there are many temples, royal historical tombs, and Buddha statues, and among the most important monuments in the city:
    • Gyeongju Park.
    • Suk Ko Ram Temple.
    • Ban Wan Song Palace.
    • Sheila Kingdom Museum of Arts and Sciences.

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