Landmarks of Taif

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It is one of the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its history dates back to the years before the birth of the Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, and its land area is 87,561 km2, and its population is 1,281,613 million people, according to the statistics of the year 2010 AD, and it is located geographically in the Makkah Province in the western side of Saudi Arabia, It is also astronomically located between the latitude 20 ° to 22 ° north of the equator, and between longitudes 40 ° to 42 ° east of the Greenwich Line, and its climate is a temperate climate in the summer, and cold in the winter.


Thaqeef Center, Al-Sail Al Kabeer Center, Al Shifa Center, Radwan Center, Ashira Center, Abu Rakah Center, and its governorates: Al Khurma Governorate, Maysan Governorate, Rania Governorate, Al Muwaiah Governorate, and Tarba Governorate, and from its municipalities: Al Shafa Municipality, Al Hada Municipality, and Al Sail Al Sagheer Municipality , The Municipality of South Taif, the Municipality of Al-Sail Al-Kabir, and the Municipality of North Taif.


Among the tourist, historical and archeological sites in the city:

  • Baraka Ain Zubaida.
  • Bahrat Al-Rghah, which is located in the valley of Lyya.
  • The parks such as: Al-Bahita Park, Samnan Park and Samain, Al-Shallal Park and Al-Baijan Park.
  • Museums such as: Okaz Museum, Umm Al Sebaa Museum, and Green Village Museum.
  • The nozzle of Al-Wa’bah is a volcano consisting of deep craters within the earth. The crater also contains a small shallow lake.
  • Mosques such as: Abdullah bin Al Abbas Mosque, and Halima Al Saadiya Mosque.
  • The archaeological pedestrian trail.
  • Valleys such as: Wadi Layyah, Wadi Nakhb.
  • The Shifa region, which is characterized by roses.
  • Dams such as: Sisad Dam, and As-Samalqi Dam.
  • Al Hada cable car.
  • The Shubra Palace, which was built in the Ottoman era, and is considered one of the most important historical palaces found in Taif, and is characterized by its architectural style, which merges between the Islamic and Roman character.
  • Okaz historical market.
  • Exhibitions such as: Wildlife Gallery, and the Permanent Taif Municipality Exhibition.
  • Libraries such as: Obeikan Library, and Taif Public Library.
  • Al-Kar Tourist Village.
  • King Abdulaziz Park.
  • Other landmarks such as: Centrepoint, Society of Culture and Arts, Taif Tower, Skating Rink, Jouri Mall, City Max, Revolving Restaurant, Extra, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street, and Al Masif Mall.

What was said about Taif

  • Al-Ashtari said about it: (Taif is a city whose fruits are raisins, which are good air and more fruits than Mecca).
  • Al-Asma’i talked about her by saying: “We reached Taif, as if I were preaching goodness, as if my heart is ripe with pleasure and no one has a reason for that, except for the clearing of its boundaries and its pleasant smell.”
  • Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan said about it: (People have been blessed with the life of those who wake up in the sects and distort Mecca)

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