Landmarks of Tangier

المسافرون العرب

The walls of Tangier antique

The walls are surrounded by five neighborhoods belonging to the ancient city of Tangier: Bani Idr, Jinan Qubtan, the Kasbah, Wadi Ahran, and Dar Al-Baroud, where the length of two thousand and two hundred meters, and the construction of these walls went through several stages, showing expectations that their construction was over the walls of the Romen city of Tingis The old walls, and the walls witnessed many construction and restoration works, from the year one thousand six hundred and sixty one to one thousand six hundred and eighty four, during the period of English rule, and in the eighteenth century AD many towers were built on these walls, such as Burj Al Salam and Burj Amer.

Kasbah Palace

It is also called Dar Al-Makhzen, where the palace owns a strategic place, due to its location on the eastern side of the Kasbah, and was interested in building Sultan Moulay Ismail on the remains of the ancient English castle, and the palace includes several facilities such as: the mosque, the big house, the house of money, prisons, and gardens In the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight it became a museum.

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American Embassy Building

The embassy is one of the oldest American diplomatic buildings in the world, and it is also the only major landmark outside the United States, where the embassy was built on land that was gifted to the United States of America by Sultan Moulay Suleiman I, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty one.

The Anglican Church

Founded in the year one thousand nine hundred and five, it is considered one of the most places that bring comfort and relaxation in the city of Tangier, where tourists resort to it away from the noise of the city, the church includes a small external cemetery that dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Cave of Hercules

The cave is considered one of the most important monuments in the city of Tangier, the cave is located inside a mountain, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and is located near Gibraltar, as it is one of the major caves in Africa, as it extends over an area of ​​thirty square kilometers.

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New collector

It is also called the Mosque of Issawa, or the Palm Mosque, located on the street of the honorable people, in front of the Issawiya corner. The mosque contains a lighthouse with mosaic decorations, which characterizes this mosque.

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