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The city of Hail

The city of Hail is a Saudi city located in the north of the country, and it is the seat of the Emirate of Hail region, as it is considered the administrative and regional capital of the region, and it is distinguished by its presence on the two famous mountains known as Jabal Salma, and Jabal Aga, and it is located in the Jabal Aga region to the west of the Eddera Valley, as well as It includes among its flanks the well of Samah, which is characterized by abundance and freshness of its waters.

The city extends in the form of an arc that wraps around Jabal Al-Samra. It is noteworthy that this city was a center of the mountain emirate in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and it is the principality that the Rashid family ruled, and its influence extended at its height to include most parts of Najd, as well as some areas Neighboring was even brought down by Abdul Aziz Al Saud in 1940, and in this article we will talk about the features of the city of Hail.

Landmarks of the city of Hail

Fault site

Yateb site is one of the archaeological sites located in the east of the city, specifically 38 km away.

Janine Mountain

Janine Mountain is a large mountain located in the east of the city, where it is located up to 60 km from the city, so that it contains a natural cave characterized by its walls containing a collection of thamdic and Amharic writings, and drawings that contain people and animals.

Vid Oasis

Fayed Oasis is an ancient oasis that was considered a station for expatriates from both the northern and southern sides. It was also considered a passage for the famous Zubaydah path, which was established by Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid, with the aim of serving pilgrims from God’s Sacred House coming from Iraq, and this city contains a group of ponds , And ancient wells, as well as irrigation canals, and the ancient Khrash Palace, which dates back to the pre-Islamic period.

Ethiopian mountain

Jabal Habashi is a region rich in a group of monuments that includes the remains of houses, towers and tombs that date back more than four thousand years. A group of swords and other monuments has been found in this area and it is referred to as the Great.

Al-Thualaby area

Al-Thuwaylbi is a region located between both the Great and Samira, where it contains rows of stones that extend up to 57 m.

Samiraa area

Samiraa is a region located approximately 140 km from the Hail region, as it is separated from the Al-Azim region by a distance of 42 km, and what distinguishes it is that it contains a group of archaeological monuments revealed by the torrents, and the most important of these archaeological sites is a room elevated from the Earth with a distance Up to one and a half meters, pottery vessels containing Islamic money were found, some of which date back to 134 AH.

Machar Tourist Village

Machar Tourist Village is a village located on an area of ​​30,000 m², and contains a group of large green areas, in addition to a theme park and a group of sports fields, swimming pools, a central market, and a restaurant, in addition to a hall for meetings and celebrations.

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