Landmarks of the city of Jizan

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Jazan city

The city of Jizan is the administrative center of the Jizan region. The city occupies a space extending to 40,000 km2 in the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The city of Jizan shares administrative borders with each of the Sabya governorate from the northern side, and with Abu Arish governorate from the east, while from the northeastern side it shares with the Damad Governorate, as it is bordered by the governorates of one of the theaters and Samatah from the southern side, and the Red Sea from the western side.

Jazan city climate

The city is affected by the climate of the Red Sea, so its summer is hot, with temperatures ranging between 35 ° -44 ° C, while its winter temperature ranges between 17 ° -35 ° C, and the humidity in summer increases to 90%, and winter to 50%.

History of the city of Jizan

The city of Jizan lived in historical periods varying from pre-Islamic until the beginning of Islam and what followed it; its history reveals the extent of the close relationship between it and the Tihama region during the era of prophecy and up to the era of power from various events in history, and in the fourth century AH the city had taken from itself an entity Independently, under the name of Al-Suleimani Al-Mikhlaf, and I kept this name until the coming of the Saudi state.

Landmarks of the city of Jizan

Jazan Port

The port of Jazan gives the city great importance due to the services it provides; it occupies a space on the southwestern coast of the Red Sea, and separates it from the host of Bab Al-Mandab, an estimated distance of 190 miles to the north, and is considered close to the eastern and western trade routes linking Europe, the Far East and the Gulf Arab and East Africa.

Regional airport

Also known as King Abdullah Regional Airport, also referred to as GIZ, it is a regional airport located in the heart of Jizan in the far southwest of the country, and occupies a space that extends to 4.7 km2, and its opening date is in 1981.

Al-Dossarya Castle

It is one of the ancient castles in Jizan, and its construction dates back to the Ottoman Empire, as it was the seat of the Turkish ruler in the region.

Salt Mountain

The city sits on top of a mountain peak of large rock salt, and a large number of metamorphic sedimentary mountains are scattered over it, which is a watershed between the city and the sea from the western side.

Haraj Al-Mudarabia

The mention of that forest is associated with the history of the city of Jizan, and the tax is a large square located in the Al-Jabal neighborhood in the heart of the city; it is used by city residents to buy their household necessities and used furniture.

Jazan Beach

The borders of the Jazan coast start from the northern side of the city and extend for more than 200 km to the south, where the season beach is over the coast of the Red Sea. This beach is characterized by calm, comfort and tranquility.

The coastal village of Al-Murjan

It is a golden color coast located on the southern coast of the Jazan Sea, and is unique for its calmness, purity of sand, and the beauty of lunar nights.

Viva mountain heights

A high-rise mountain; it reaches a height of more than 6000 feet; it is covered with greenery and topped by cloud tops and fog, and it has a geographical location between longitude (17 °, 43 °).


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