Landmarks of the city of Naples

المسافرون العرب

The city of Naples

Naples is an italyn city that belongs administratively to the region of Campania, and it is considered an administrative capital for it, and it is astronomically located on a longitude of 14.15 degrees east of the Greenwich Line, and on a latitude of 40.50 degrees north of the equator, and it is located geographically in the southern side of Italy, specifically on the coast of the Mediterranean, and reaches Its land area is 117 km², and it is 17 meters above sea level, and it has twinning with several cities such as Nablus, Budapest, Gafsa, Athens, Buenos Aires, Marseille, Cordoba, Jeddah, Naples, San Francisco, and Kagoshima.

Landmarks of the city of Naples

  • The royal palace, built by order of my brother Napoleon in order to commemorate his emperor brother, is characterized by the presentation of international musical performances in his yard.
  • Known as the Royal Opera House, Teatro San Carlo is considered one of the oldest constructed theaters on the European continent, and is characterized by its luxurious design that contains gold-plated statues, and its large size that accommodates three thousand scenes.
  • The National Archaeological Museum, which includes many Romen antiquities, and Egyptian Pharaonic artifacts such as statues, mosaics, and jewelry.
  • The Natural Science Museum Center, which was established in the year 1992 AD, and contains several museums such as the Anthropology Museum, the Museum of Zoology, the Museum of Minerals, and the Museum of Fossils and Fossils, and is characterized by containing more than one hundred and fifty thousand historical and scientific artifacts from all parts of the world.
  • The city of Edenland is characterized by the establishment of several recreational activities such as water games, horseback riding, play, and the presence of places for hiking.
  • The White Castle, which was built in the year 1115 AD by the Normans, is located on the Gulf of Naples on the Megaride Peninsula, and is considered one of the oldest built fortresses in the city, and is characterized by its views of the harbor and the sea.
  • The Capodimonte Museum, which houses 106 rooms full of art collections dating back from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, is one of the most prominent artworks of Raphael, Martini, Caravaggio, and Grecco.
  • Other landmarks, such as the new castle built in 1279 AD, and Umbretu Mall, opposite the San Carlo opera house.

A brief history of the city of Naples

  • It was subject to the rule of the papal states, and annexed it in the year 1626 AD by Urbino, and in the year 1631 AD by Pesaro.
  • In the year 1647 AD, the city became obsessed with theatrical uprisings that stalled agricultural exploitation in Italy.
  • In the year 1608 AD, the church spent a million fluorines to build the San Gennaro Cathedral and the Chapel of Capella del Tesoro.

General information about the city of Naples

  • It is located near the Vesuvius volcano.
  • It has a Mediterranean wing; hot dry in summer and warm in winter.
  • Evelyn Nabli talked about it in the year 1645 AD: (The great rulers are fascinated by the wealth of the unfortunate people, because of their great financial evil, and the city’s architecture, if measured by its most luxurious size in any of its counterparts in Europe; the streets are very wide, well paved, many tunnels to spend dirt …).
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