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Historical monuments

Most of the walls of Trabzon represent one of the historical monuments, in addition to part of the Grand Komnenoi Palace, and a number of Byzantine churches that are currently preserved in the form of mosques, and among the best and most wonderful preserved churches is the Hagia Sophia Church, which is used today as a museum Overlooking the sea west of the city, and it is indicated that it is a cathedral church that contains several domes alongside frescoes dating back to the thirteenth century. Ottoman historical monuments.

Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery is one of the well-known tourist destinations that tourists visit when they visit Trabzon, which is a Greek Orthodox monastery that has been standing for many years. It was built the first time in 346 AD to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but it was destroyed by wars at different periods, but it was completed Rebuilding it again due to its importance, and it is noteworthy that the outer part of it is decorated with inspiring artworks, and inside there are some places where monks used to practice their daily work in addition to prayers.

Uzungol Lake

Uzun Gol is physically located outside Trabzon, but it is close enough for any tourist to see or visit, and Uzungol is the longest lake in the region, and it is deep enough that people can dive in, as it is indicated that it is a suitable place to spend a quiet night at sunset the sun.

Kostaki Palace

The Trabzon Museum, known as Kostaki Palace, was established in 1917 AD according to the Ottoman style, and Ataturk lived for a short time in 1924 AD, and the interior was decorated with Rococo designs, and its roof is painted and ornate, and its furnishings are distinctive, and it includes a separate and selected group of Ottoman artifacts on the first floor, such as The bronze statue (flattened bronze) that was discovered in the Tabakhane neighborhood in 1997 AD, along with many coins, jewelry, and historical symbols dating back to the era of the Romens, Byzantines, and the Comnenus.

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