Landmarks of Vienna

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Vienna is Austria’s capital, and its largest city. It was named after this cool air, with a population of more than a million and a half. It is characterized by its richness in tourist attractions, which gives it diversity and beauty, and makes it on the list of options for people looking for recreation and leisure, because its features Suitable for all age groups, different tastes, and Vienna is the capital of Austria and its largest city, and in this article we will get to know some of Vienna’s landmarks with a simple overview of each of them.

Vienna attractions

Vienna is distinguished by its inclusion of more than twenty-seven castle, and the tourist and archaeological sites are among the most famous in the world, and some of these attractions are presented.

  • Stevens Square: One of the most important tourist destinations for visitors to Austria, where it is distinguished as one of the most famous squares in the continent of Europe in general, due to its inclusion of a number of pedestrian streets, in addition to its ancient and ancient stone buildings, other than markets, shops and restaurants, which makes it a vibrant and populated square And visitors.
  • Schonbrunn Zoo: It is considered one of the oldest animal parks in all the world, not only in Austria, as it is distinguished by being one of the most developed parks in terms of how to care for animals, and the nature of scientific studies and research that are taking place in them, it should be noted here that this park is located in the southeast of Qasr Schönbrunn, where it was created to be special to the animals of Emperor Franz, in 1752 AD.
  • Maria Hilfer Street: It is considered the sixth municipality in Vienna, distinguished by its proximity to the city center, and it is also one of the ancient and ancient regions, where it was established in the year 1850 AD, and is known for its overpopulation, and contains a large number of beautiful and historical stone buildings, in addition to that it is one of the most important commercial streets in The city because of its many shops and stores, which makes it a destination for many people wishing to shop, tourism and recreation.

Vinna Tourist Palaces

Vienna is distinguished by its annexation of more than 150 minors, the most important of which are:

  • Schonbrunn Palace: It is the summer palace of the former President of Austria, and it is one of the most famous and ancient buildings with a long history in Europe in general, and it is also famous for its many visitors, to enjoy its luxury and beauty, where more than two million visitors visit it in the year.
  • Hofburg Palace: This palace was built in the thirteenth century, and continued to expand and amend it for the nineteenth century, as it is distinguished as the first headquarters for meetings of the President of Austria, and receptions are held, as it contains the building of the Federal Chancellor, the Spanish School of Equestrian, in addition to the National Library that was established In the year 1700 AD.


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