One of the best and most beautiful parks in the Kingdom in general and Jeddah in particular, located on the coast of the Red Sea in the city of Jeddah, and it has vast green areas, and you find white sails decorating the tables on the island, and the sail island or sail island in Jeddah attracts huge numbers of families, especially those They have children and a number of tourists because they have water games and swimming pools that children love.
And spread on the island distinctive forms blocking the sun in the form of sails, and from here came the evening Al-Shiraa Island in Jeddah, and a group of ponds and swimming pools that make Al-Shiraa Island a wonderful place and a suitable place for a fun and wonderful holiday.

Distinctive places within Al-Shiraa Island in Jeddah

There are many activities that can be practiced on Al Sheraa Island in Jeddah, there is a huge children’s pool on the island that is designed with a depth of 50 to 70 cm, to be suitable for the height of children and parents feel safe and reassured about their children, and around the pool there is a group of trainers to monitor the situation and protect children, to be allowed Children entered the pool from two to ten years old.
The island also owns Al Sheraa Park Jeddah which is a region dedicated to sand games for children and designed to attract the child’s intellectual, physical and interactive interest, topped by a group of large white sails to protect children from the sun’s rays. The island also contains a special video game area, areas for playing billiards and hockey, along with special offers from The side of the clowns to make a memorable trip for the children, giving them an atmosphere of humor and fun.

Water games on Sail Island

Al-Shiraa Island in Jeddah also includes two areas for the crystal games that dazzle children with their wonderful colors, and works to make the child use his muscular and mental capabilities and physical strength, this comes at a time when Al-Shiraa Island in Jeddah offers special and different offers at competitive prices for schools, and the island offers children a meal for every A child and a bracelet that includes a bunch of different toys.
The island also gives children an irreplaceable opportunity to learn various arts such as drawing and coloring, and a set of activities that would wish the children intelligence and abilities, and you can participate in cruises with large sailboats that stroll on the shores of the island of Sail in Jeddah, and they are greatly enjoyable, especially when Watch the sunset from those sailboats.
Al Sheraa Island includes a group of large restaurants that offer a variety of food tastes. It combines restaurants for Lebanese cuisine, restaurants for Chinese cuisine, and others for italyn cuisine, and it works in an elegant and great manner.

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