Antigua and Barbuda is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and boasts its charming beaches, where Antigua is famous for owning a beach for every day of the year, while Barbuda is known for its pink sandy beaches and elegant resorts spread across its coasts and is one of the most popular tourist destinations that welcomes celebrities and businessmen from around the world.

Antigua receives its visitors at the cruise port in the colorful capital St. John, which has wonderful markets, museums and stunning historical buildings. Antigua.

Half Moon Bay is located on the southeastern end of Antigua and is one of the most beautiful quiet beaches in the Caribbean, surrounded by soft white sand waterfalls and dark blue sea water. Stingray is located off the east coast of the island and is a shallow pond with a sandy bottom amongst tropical coral reefs where visitors can dive with stingrays and enjoy watching the sparkling people under the crystal waters.

The 17-mile beach in Barbuda has a special charm that stretches along the stunning path furnished with pink sand mixed with Barbuda Caribbean Lake. The island is home to the world’s rarest and most beautiful birds, where frigate colonies can be seen as bright red seabirds.

St. John’s capital is characterized by its beautiful colonial huts and markets where small stalls accumulate where tropical fruits and fresh flowers are sold, and looming in the horizon are white neo-baroque towers from the city’s cathedral. Antigua and Barbuda Museum dates back to the eighteenth century and is one of the oldest museums in the world. Unparalleled in shopping because most of the shops are full of international goods and cheap prices compared to anywhere else.

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