Learn about Delmon Park and its price guide

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A garden inspired by the Dilmun civilization

Learn about Delmon Park and its price guide - Learn about Delmon Park and its price guide

The design of this beautiful water park was largely inspired by the civilization of Dilmun, which was present in the State of Bahrain 4 thousand years ago, and therefore all facilities and forms of ornaments, figures and aesthetic areas in the garden are considered to be the ancient cultural heritage of Bahrain, where the lost Dilmun Park is one of the most important landmarks of the state Bahrain, which is visited by tourists in large numbers every year, as it is an enjoyable tourist place suitable for family trips.

Delmon tourist attractions

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There are more than 20 different games in the park, and these saliva is not limited to a certain age group, where some of them can share with adults, and there are many restrooms, restaurants, and sessions dedicated to the fun and comfort of children and families when they are inside the park, so that they can complete exploring the park Very comfortably, in addition to many different cafes, which are keen to provide all kinds of juices, carbonated water, hot drinks and they also offer some fast food.

Activities of Dilmun Water Park

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– The park contains many water games for children, where floats in the garden can be used and disembarked, and there are some water slides for young children, and this game is characterized by great fun for all children.
– One of the most beautiful activities in the garden for young and old is the swimming activity, where you can enjoy clean water and a Jacuzzi as well, and there are some areas that contain places to swim similar to the islands and fjords between the mountains, there are also some water games that resemble waterfalls, which can be enjoyed through Artificial surfing and taking some souvenir photos for great family memories.
– There are also many shows and other recreational activities in the park, such as theatrical performances especially for children, color festivals and singing parties, as well as special and showcasing the stars for these special festivals.

Development of Dilmun Water Park

The State of Bahrain has carried out many development and modernization work for the place in order to suit the huge numbers of tourists that increase every year from the other, in order to provide the greatest degree of comfort, luxury and enjoyment within the park as well as providing a safety factor inside and this feature is one of the most important features of the park from other parks and gardens Containing games.
As for the games, the park administration has decided to add new games to get more fun, including the game “Pirate Ship” and the game of “missile slide rings”, as well as adding many restaurants within the framework of the expansion plan inside the park, which makes the park an entertainment place integrated and ideal for a wonderful holiday

Dilmun water park dates and prices

Garden opening hours start every day at ten in the morning, and end at seven in the evening, except for Sunday.
There are two prices for tickets for Dilmun Park, the first price is for a child, and it is 8 BD, while for an adult and adult ticket, it reaches 17 BD.
It is forbidden to enter with predators or fireworks that might harm other children or adults.


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