Healthy foods are known in Germany; an important thing there. Health is a crown for healthy heads, which only the patient can see. The Germans are best applied to this. So they always eat healthy, useful foods, and the most popular healthy foods in Germany are: Healthy foods in GermanyHealthy foods in Germany

Healthy foods in Germany

Fermented cabbage:

Healthy foods in GermanyHealthy foods in Germany: Healthy foods in Germany, because they have many health benefits, as those foods have many important vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C. It is usually eaten by those who suffer from stomach ulcers. Many people eat it; To prevent cancerous tumors, which are among the foods that work to promote the health of the human immune system.

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Coconut Cookies Dessert:

Käsekuchen is one of the healthiest foods in Germany, and I have found that food there since the time of the Romens, and some minor additions have changed it. And this is during the era of the Romen historian KCatodemÄlteren, and the main component of this food is the brick. This is why many people are used to eating it almost continuously throughout the week; herbal sauce; salmon and ratatouille:Healthy foods in GermanyHealthy foods in Germany This kind of useful food; and has an impact in maintaining health, and the taste of this meal is wonderful, but it has a distinctive shape, and this dish is a traditional dish in Switzerland, but it has a great reputation in Germany.

Pratten Visitors:

One of the types of healthy foods in Germany, and this is one of the favorite foods in the city of Cologne. Specialized in public events. Rarely find a small individual who was large or apologizing for eating. And its presence in Germany goes back to the Romen era, as it tells the story of the entry of that meal to Germany; that the soldiers were unable to reach the city. When they crawled they left a lot of equipment. And with that delicious meal. And that became one of the basic meals. And famous in Germany, especially the special occasions.

Fish tagine:

Fish tagineFish tagine

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This meal dates back to the Catholic origins. The Germans eat it on Friday. This day is a day of fasting for meat. Most restaurants in Germany still offer this meal, which consists of beneficial fish. And the fish tagine is a popular meal in Germany for ages. This meal is especially preferred for the elderly, as it is one of the best healthy foods in Germany.

Vegetable Kings:

Spargel or royal vegetable. This type of food is the most famous and delicious in Germany. This dish is made of edible ivory. This type of vegetable was known to the Chinese, ancient Egyptians, and Babylonians. Many developments were made, and in the field of agriculture, this vegetable was used in North and southern Germany, and the ingredients for this basic dish are: corn flour, chopped parsley, oil spoon, and a pinch of nutmeg. Recommended for those who are keen on eating healthy foods in Germany.

The First Fashion:

Maul Tachen has a great reputation in the state of Baden-Würtenberg, and this dish has a wonderful taste. It gives a feeling of satiety to a large degree, so it is a healthy food in Germany, and this dish dates back to the Middle Ages. And that dish is made up of: a piece of applied dough, And stuffed with vegetables. And meat, and in its composition also includes onions, chopped parsley, salt and eggs, chopped spinach, as well as milk.

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