This park is famous for being one of the most beautiful and wonderful gardens and parks that are available to spend the day or entertainment between the gardens and is suitable to go with the holiday, the park is known for its unique beauty is the headquarters for pelicans and geese as it is a symbol of the gardens in Ankara.

The reason for naming the park Kogulu is because of the swans that the municipality of Vienna gave to the park and named after the swans next to the swans there are geese, there are a number of ponds in the garden and artificial and natural lakes in which the geese and ducks swim in the middle of the ponds there are giant trees and small wooden houses are houses of geese and swans.

There is a number of other birds in the park, including birds, pigeons, and distinctive colored birds that attract children, in general the park is suitable for children and family The park is located on an area of ​​2.5 acres equivalent to 1 Hectares The garden was completely renewed in 2012 and in 2013 the water was changed and the evacuation of ponds and the addition of 35 species of birds after tear gas that spread in Turkey after the Turkish protests to preserve birds and animals from poisoning There is enough inside the garden and a restaurant that offers the most exquisite Food a For traditional and classic Turkish, fast food, and as the restaurant opens its doors for late hours of the day, it serves breakfast, delicious omelets, lunch with fine Turkish grills, and a special Turkish dinner.

In Ankara there are a number of very distinct parks next to that distinctive garden there is Wadi Layman Park which is characterized by the presence of attractive flowers and roses with distinctive scents. It is a large garden of swimming pools and places for exercise and large trees. It is also located in the Dankaya neighborhood near the Ankara valleys and rivers and plants are famous in The region has vineyards and grapes, also beautiful birds, and also the Wonderland Garden, one of the finest parks in Ankara. It is also one of the largest parks in Europe with a number of ponds and morning baths on an area of ​​650,000 meters. It is a city dedicated to children because of the bad characters. The intention scattered throughout the park there are football pitches and tennis courts and golf courses, distinctive small houses that embody a number of characters such as cartoon series and other unique series cardboards favored by children ..

Park address: 06680 Çankaya / Ankara, Turkey
Restaurant Address: Kuğulu Park Restaurant, Çankaya, Turkey.
Perhaps the park is one of the most beautiful parks suitable for spending an entertaining day with the family. It is suitable for children, where the child prefers birds and birds and prefers to play with them and take pictures. Also, the park is suitable for photographing great photos for photography lovers ..

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