Learn about Mount Toubkal and how to get there

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Mount Toubkal, is the highest peak in Morocco, and Morocco has acquired mountains for centuries, and our ascent to the rocky giant in North Africa, which is the longest in the region, is not a walk, but it is available to anyone in good shape and eager for an exciting adventure of high altitude, and Berber societies innovate The traditional route on this trip will have plenty of time to learn their habits through village visits and camping at night, with delicious home-cooked meals, and the views around the road are stunning, but nothing compares to what you will see and feel at the top of the mountain.

The height of Mount Toubkal

Learn about Mount Toubkal and how to get there - Learn about Mount Toubkal and how to get there
The height of the mountain is 4,167 m. The Toubkal Mountain is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, as it is a non-technical summit that requires a reasonable degree of fitness, and you can easily reach Toubkal, which is often called Jbeil Toubkal from Marrakech, and it is located in the heart of the network It is the hiking trails that offer stunning mountain views, fertile valleys, and untouched barbarian societies, as walking to Mount Toubkal requires that your body be at high altitudes, it is important to allow time to adapt, and the basic rule is to climb up and sleep low, and it is important that you rise Slowly, about 500 meters per day when you reach 2500 meters T.

And you must drink a lot of water as well, and the best way to cope with the flights of Toubkal is to start with a good night’s rest in the night, and then stop at one of the shelters for the night’s sleep, and this allows your body to gradually change, as walking from the nightfall to the Toubkal Refuge is about 12 km Only, after spending the night in one of the shelters, you will wake up early, feel refreshed, and begin your journey to the top of Toubkal, and it is better to start your journey in the early hours of the morning, with a headlight, to avoid returning too late in the day and compel you to sleep again, it is a matter of It’s also great to get to the summit for sunrise, and the mountain is mountainable It sits all year round, albeit in the winter, from November to May, and the snow settles to an altitude of 3000 m, and all paths start from the Emlil of 1740 m, which is a large picturesque village located at the head of Wadi Emlil and is surrounded by grove orchards, apple trees and the semi-river.

How to get to Mount Toubkal

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There are two ways to reach Toubkal, which are south and north, and the southern approach is the most popular and direct and takes 3 to 4 days, and the northern road is the longest and best for experienced hikers as it takes 6 to 7 days, and one of the popular features about Mount Toubkal is that you can Walking in the mountain and leaving Morocco within 4 days.

In 1923 Vincent Berger, Hubert Dulbo, and Marquise de Segonzac were the first Europeans to ascend to the Toubkal summit, and a year later, the height of Toubkal was officially registered, and the triangular structure was moved to a peak in 1931, and Toubkal for hikers and hikers with a level Fitness Packer, a fun and challenging journey with satisfying views from the top, and you’ll see remote villages of Berber people, flowing waterfalls, rivers, and crash site, depending on your route, and if you join an organized tour group, your guide will carry food and mules with you with muleteers , And it will be used to carry all things Your own, and if you decide to take a stand-alone excursion, you’ll need to arrange sanctuaries to eat and rest, and carry your own gear.

Excursions to Mount Toubkal

An experienced hiker can definitely take a trip to Jebel Toubkal on his own, and there are many villages and settlements on your way to the top if you get lost. If you move around in the spring, you are likely to be surrounded by large quantities of hikers who can guide you in case you get lost, There is a shelter at the base of the mountain, where you can get food and places to sleep, and these shelters become busy during the high season so pre-booking is recommended, and it is important to note that there are many peaks in this area, so make sure that you use the correct path to get to Mount Toubkal, Otherwise, it can be lost.
And if you are not experienced hiking, hiking or just prefer the logistical arrangements for an arrangement trip for you, we recommend employing the services of a routing company, and guide companies usually arrange the entire trip for you, including accommodation and transportation to and from Marrakech, dining on a trip and mules to transport equipment, and the experience of guided group trips allows you to interact with other hikers, and this is an opportunity to form friendships with people with similar interests, and the guide provides peace of mind, so you can focus more on views and reduce your view of the map, and from They may have Enemy Toubkal hundreds of times and know exactly where to go and when they take rest periods, and ensure that you get plenty of food and water, which is crucial for any trip, there will be sources of water along the way but it’s best to bring your water bottle and your water purification tablets.
In general, a guide is best for comfort and safety, and the guide is especially useful when visiting Toubkal in the winter due to the risks of slipping and getting lost in low temperatures.

Popular roads to reach Mount Toubkal

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There are two main ways for Jebel Toubkal trips, which are south and north, and there are some other differences but these require more hiking and a longer expedition, and the most common route starts from the south side, and the southern road is often used because it is very easy, and the tracks have bounced Easily trackable, 98% of hikers follow, the northern approach is a longer route and requires a skilled traveler, and even when taking the hardest way to climb it is advisable to use the popular southern side road for your depression.
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