Fayoum is one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt, where visitors, whether locally or internationally, can enjoy its picturesque nature and its archaeological monuments and fossils dating back thousands of years. Fayoum is also famous for being a wonderful destination for camping and picnics as it has a wonderful atmosphere at night with a stunning view of the galaxy arm You may not see much.

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Learn about the most prominent parks in Fayoum

Waterwheels Waterwheel

Fayoum includes more than two hundred women legs spread all over it to give it a special beauty and charm, and the four city center drivers receive the most attention which places it among the most prominent parks in the day. You can go to it to enjoy the city’s atmosphere and landscapes at sunset, or take a picnic with the family near it . Al Sawaqi is a symbol of the city and the oases in the governorate, and you can consider it among the Fayoum Gardens due to the lack of any gardens in the city. The Greeks invented the Sakia, and it was its first appearance in Egypt in the Ptolemaic era, which highlights the importance and importance of those wooden structures of the city and its important role in watering this huge number of meadows and lands. Agricultural.

Lake Qarun

Lake Qarun is one of the most famous and famous parks in Fayoum, where the locals go to enjoy the weekend, due to what is known as the Fayoum Gardens in the governorate. It is considered the only destination for residents of the governorate and the nearby cities that can enjoy a picnic near a waterfront. Several cafes, in addition to suites and halls for weddings. It is not a suitable place for swimming so do not risk it, just enjoy this refreshing atmosphere and the enchanting view of the waters mixed with desert lands. You can also rent a boat to enjoy an unforgettable tour inside the lake, it has recently become an important destination for bird watching, as both migratory birds flock to during the winter, the most important of which are picturesque flamingos. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take a number of photos that will immortalize the beauty of those moments. You can also take a picture of one of your loved ones as a souvenir.Lake Qarun

Wadi Rayyan Protected Area

Wadi Al Rayan Reserve is the most attractive destination for tourists and locals in Fayoum, because of its waterfalls and outdoor places that make it worthy of the name of one of the Fayoum Gardens. The reserve also includes a lake where you can enjoy boat rides inside, for a price ranging between fifty and seventy-five pounds for one hour Only the reserve is full of huge diversity in wildlife from white gazelle to Egyptian gazelle, foxes, eagles, and various types of migratory birds. Al-Mudawara Mountain is located five kilometers from the lake, is easy to climb and is a great place to monitor eagles and birds. A visitor center, public facilities and cafes so you can enjoy a pleasant walk inside the reserve without needing anything from outside.
Wadi Rayyan Protected Area

Wadi Al Hittan

One of the places under the protection of the World Heritage Organization, where it includes; the first whale fossils that have been discovered in the world. Within the region there are more than 400 structures of aquatic animals dating back more than forty million years, which show the evolution in the structure and structure of water mammals. Sand also contains It is leftovers for a manatee animal and a huge bony fish, which makes it an enjoyable destination for adults and children alike. The place includes special corridors that lead to different structures and fossils, and it also provides special places for camping and has water facilities that facilitate the duration of your stay inside it. Also contains the Wadi Al-Hitan Museum of Excavations and Change Manna My brother who displays; displays information about the history of this place and the geological change that have occurred over the years in addition to a number of fossils. The most prominent of these fossils is the great structure of the Basilosaurus Isis whale, which is eighteen meters long. It may not look like a traditional park with meadows, gardens and lakes, but it does allow you to spend quality time amongst the natural monuments that you may not be able to see in your country.

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