The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and was inaugurated by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to be a distinct religious edifice linking Islamic culture with the rest of cultures, embodying the message of the Islamic religion that urges peace, peace and tolerance, believing the Almighty saying: Oh people I created you from remembrances and females, and made you peoples and tribes to know that He honored you with God, He did not fear you
Sheikh Zayed Mosque opens its doors to visitors from different cultures throughout the year, and the percentage of visits increases in the month of Ramadan in particular, as 61681 visitors came to it in the first ten days of the blessed month of Ramadan, and prayed 78,618, and more than 289360 mushrooms arrived, bringing the total number of visitors to about 429 659 659 who were received In a religious atmosphere full of tolerance and a spirit of brotherhood in which everyone shares noble and valuable human values.

History of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueThe Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque project was launched by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan at the end of the nineties of the last century and supervised by the Department of Municipal Affairs, after which the project passes in two main phases, the first was to lay the basic building blocks for this gorgeous architectural edifice and install the concrete structure, while the second phase included works The interior and exterior decoration of the mosque, which is characterized by the preparation of columns and ceilings in addition to pink motifs and floral patterns.

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Islamic architecture of the mosque
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an exceptional artistic monument distinguished by its ancient Islamic architecture, famous for its domes and discreet columns decorated with the most beautiful mosaics, where we find all aspects of beauty and splendor in every detail large and small. The mosque contains 82 domes reinforced from the inside with gypsum and building fibers and decorated with vegetal inscriptions and Qur’anic verses praising the greatness of the Creator Almighty. The mosque also contains a thousand columns covered with white marble decorated with floral and floral designs that increase the harmony of colors and shapes, especially with the presence of chandeliers encrusted with gold, the largest of which are in the main prayer hall, which is 10 meters in diameter and 15 meters in height and weighs twelve tons, which in turn spreads a wonderful light On the large carpet area of ​​5 thousand 627 square meters, to be the largest handmade carpet in the world.


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque includes four minarets, each of which are 106 meters long and differ in geometric shapes and designs, the upper part of which comes in the form of a square to simulate Moroccan and Andalusian architecture, while the rest of the shapes refer to the Mamluk era, while the last part takes a cylindrical shape that dates back to the fourth furnace Ten, which the Ottomans mastered at the time. There is also a lamp at the top of the minaret, decorated with a mosaic of glass and gold-plated design dating back to the Fatimid period.

Dish and ocean

Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueThe courtyard of the mosque is one of the largest dishes in mosques in the Islamic world
The courtyard of the mosque is one of the largest dishes in mosques in the Islamic world, with an area of ​​17 thousand square meters. Its floor was designed with large concrete slabs laid on huge pillars encrusted with the finest types of marble. The outer nave includes columns covered with stones and designs in the form of flowers and plants with crowns covered with gold.
The mosque is surrounded by water lakes highlighting its beauty and splendor, as the water reflects the designs and mosaics that skilled workers from different parts of the world worked on.

Al-Jamea Library

Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueThe library provides many services for visitors and readers
The library includes more than three thousand titles divided in various scientific, cultural and religious fields, all translated into twelve languages ​​in addition to containing reference books. The library offers many services to voracious visitors and readers who wish to discover the pearls of this impressive facility that was designed by designer Ihsan Abu Siad, who preserved the traditional Islamic character of the mosque and made the library an integral part of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
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