The turquoise crystal basins fly over the Rio Cabon River in Alta Verapaz in the heart of Guatemala’s green forests, and hide in Simoc Champi which is one of the most beautiful and most popular tourist destinations in Central America and is located 11 kilometers from the small city of Lankin, and is decorated with a group of waterfalls and caves that Disappear under the limestone bridge.

Six blue crystal water basins float on a natural limestone bridge that extends 300 meters to form and form a group of pure picturesque waterfalls from the waters of the Rio Capon River. The bridge below conceals a group of water tunnels that appear miles away. This region has a completely different feeling than anywhere else in Guatemala or in the rest of the world, and it is a great place to swim, walk and enjoy the golden sunshine.

And adventure lovers tend to slide tubes along the river for one kilometer, and the journey can be started by jumping over the bridge where the necessary safety tools are available. The trip to turquoise baths is usually accompanied by a visit to the charming Canba Cave, which is entered with bare feet without the need for a helmet or life jacket, as all visitors need is a candle that illuminates an unconventional journey.

Visitors can climb a waterfall of ten meters in height inside the cave, and see the stalactites and decorations that were drawn by time and taken by bats as their abode, as the rocks in various shapes paint the dark cave walls. The place is crowded with tourists and locals from mid-December to mid-April when the rainfall is less and the Kapun River is clearer and brighter.
Mount El Mirador deserves the hassle of climbing for the most beautiful scenery and charming paintings, and at the top there is a platform where you can swim and enjoy watching the hanging crystal basins, scattered around the ladies of Guatemala who sell fresh fruits and coconuts.

There are many varied accommodations near this amazing place, where hotels are dotted in the heart of the forest such as Utopia Eco, which is an environmentally friendly hotel, and the “Bungalows” which enjoys a quiet and secluded atmosphere. It is also possible to stay in the town and reach Simok Champi through the daily trips that start From the town square.

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