Away from the hustle and bustle of cities and surrounding some of the charming little pockets of the land that can not be missed, as there are 3 thousand islands in Japan that we monitor for you the most beautiful:
Yakushima Island, located in the Pacific Ocean, is a beautiful little paradise rich in beauty with a forest covered in fog. Adventurers want to discover its mystery, camping, climbing and seeing charming plants and animals.
Aoki Islands

Oki Islands disappear in the Sea of ​​Japan between forests and white sandy beaches, and it consists of 180 small islands but only four inhabited, and its residents are famous for practicing sumo, and unlike Spain and Portugal, the Japanese bullfight only includes two bulls fighting each other.
The islands are also famous for their wonderful seafood and a certain type of beef not available anywhere in the world, and nature lovers go to see the wonderful rock formations on the island.
Toshima is a mountain island surrounded by ocean waters and other small islands on the Pacific coast, and its residents are considered guardians of Japanese traditions.
It is a quiet and relaxing place and ideal for experiencing rural life in Japan, where fishing is still the main work of life on the remote island and the surrounding islands, and many local festivals open to tourists are held.

Miyajima’s forested mountain landscape appears in front of the greenery as a majestic wooden gallery planted in blue water, and the best time to visit the island is during the high tide when the true magic of the place is revealed.
Okinawa and many of the surrounding islands take advantage of the tropical climate to cover a staggering tree cover where the oldest old people live in the world, and it is also home to the widest range of local languages, and still lives today according to its ancient traditions and culture that prevailed on the island thousands of years ago.
The island of Ogashima is considered one of the most isolated but inhabited islands in the iso archipelago in the Philippine Sea and it is something that everyone should see once in their life as visitors find themselves surrounded by trees, volcanoes and the open blue sea.

This surreal island is a popular destination for true art lovers, and it is called the “Museum of the Island” because it contains many contemporary artworks, thanks to billionaire Sochiro Fukutaki who invested in the four museums of the island.

The fabulous Ishigaki Island is located in the far south of Japan, and it looks like part of a fairy tale with its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs and majestic mountains.
It offers many enjoyable activities such as cave exploration trips, diving and of course hiking to enjoy this charming paradise.

Kumijima Island is located off the coast of Okinawa and is rich in its cultural and natural sites. It is the ideal place for practicing water activities with its calm and turquoise waves, long stretches of white sand and diving deep into the seas to see fish and multi-colored coral. .

Miyakojima Island is located 300 kilometers south of Okinawa Island and is home to sugar cane fields, white sand and the Emerald Sea. Visitors can explore the unusual seabed filled with natural treasures.
Its botanical garden appears to have fallen from the sky, although it lost a lot of its splendor due to the Second World War, many activities are available on the island, such as walking, diving, cycling, etc.

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