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1- Sambussa

Samosas or samosas as they are called in Djibouti are ideal appetizers to start a meal as the residents used to.
Samosa consists of thin slices of dough wrapped and fried, and stuffed with minced meat, onions and vegetables.
Samosas are usually served in Djibouti with a sauce made of tomato paste and grated vegetables.
Some people prefer eating it with hot pepper sauce or hot harissa

2- Djibouti soup – FahFah Soup

Djibouti soup is one of the most famous dishes in Djibouti, which I took from its neighbor Ethiopia, especially Bedouins of Ethiopia.
The Djibouti soup consists of goat soup with pieces of meat, cut vegetables and green pepper.
Some people replace goat soup and meat with camel and lamb soup or lamb as they like, but they never cook with meat or beef or chicken soup.
Djibouti soup is served with “kangero” spongy bread, and some people prefer eating it with the addition of lemon.

3- Banana fritters

One of the most popular sweets in the Djibouti restaurants is cinnamon bananas.
They are not pies in the traditional sense, they do not contain eggs or milk, and they only contain bananas, flour and a few nutmeg.
Pancakes are cooked by frying in oil until golden in color, and are served after spraying with cinnamon powder.
Some people prefer eating it with a pinch of sugar powder, and some also prefer eating it dipped in honey.
It is served in some restaurants on the breakfast menu as a light meal with a morning drink, as some people prefer in Djibouti.

4- Djibouti sponge bread – laxoox

The dining table in Djibouti is not without popular spongy bread in Djibouti.
Djibouti bread is called spongy bread because there are holes like a sponge in its shape, and is controlled by its method of cooking.
Despite its simple components of flour and water only, it needs a specific and complicated kneading and cooking method in order to appear as traditional in Djibouti.
Not only is it a staple besides food, it can also be served as breakfast in the morning with butter and honey.
Djiboutian spongy bread can be included in some of the main meals, such as meat and vegetable soup, and meat pastries in red sauce.

5- The Cambaboor Bakery

The Kambapur bakery is a popular bakery in Djibouti.
Unlike the simplicity of the ingredients of spongy bread, the Campapur consists of flour, onion, garlic, corn powder, and turmeric, in addition to anise seeds.
The Kampapur bakery is one of the sweets on public holidays in Djibouti.
The baked kambapur is usually served in ceremonies and intentions, and is also served at tourist receptions.
The Kampapur is distinguished by its royal golden color, which makes it always on the table of the luxurious wills of the major countries, for the kings and heads of state in addition to the resolve of the senior officials of the state of Djibouti.
The baked kampapur is served with raw butter and honey, and some people prefer eating it with yogurt with honey or fruits.

6- Djibouti fish – Mukbaza fish

The popular fish in Djibouti is called a mokopaza, and this name is due to the fact that it takes the folded form that resembles the bread of mokpaza.
Open the fish piece in half and stuff it with the sauce and chopped onion, add spices and a lot of lemon, and cook in the oven.
Some people prefer to ask to add a little mixture of honey and bananas to a piece of fish before cooking to get a flavor of sweet and savory food.
Mukebaza fish is served with rice and bread, in addition to a variety of salads, especially mashed vegetable salad and turmeric paste salad.
Some people prefer taking it with hot sauce paste.

7- Djibouti mutton broth – Skudahkharis

The Djibouti mutton broth is a well-known and indisputably popular popular dish in Djibouti.
Lamb broth consists of rice cooked in lamb soup, and add spices and overwhelmed cardamom leaves, in addition to small pieces of mutton.
Usually this dish is served on the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday, whether it is a meal in restaurants, or in family intentions at home.
Served lamb broth with sponge Djibouti bread, green cabbage salad, as well as sauce of fresh butter sauce.
Some people prefer to replace mutton with beef, chicken or fish.

8 – Bariis iyo spicy rice

For rice lovers, it is one of the most famous dishes in Djibouti

Spicy vegetable rice is one of the popular dishes in Djibouti, but it is originally an Indian and Kabsa food.
Spicy vegetable rice consists of added rice with a mixture of vegetables such as peas, carrots and potatoes, and a mixture of hot spices such as ginger and hot pepper powder.
Some people prefer adding turmeric to spicy vegetable rice, in order to give it a distinctive golden color and a better flavor.
Served spicy vegetable rice with fried chicken pieces placed on top of it, and can be replaced with meat or fish pieces.

9 – Sweet Cakes – xalwo

Sweet cakes are one of the official desserts served at weddings and celebrations of official holidays in Djibouti.
Sweet cakes consist of dough mixed with milk and vanilla stuffed with Ajou and decorated with sesame, and fried in the oven until golden in color and cooked.
Some people prefer adding some flavors to the dough, such as coffee and cinnamon, cardamom or cloves.
Sweet cakes are sometimes served with a pinch of sugar powder, and are usually served alongside a tea or coffee drink.

10 – Meat dough – Sabayaad

Meat dough is very similar to the Moroccan Muslim meal.
It is one of the famous dishes in Djibouti and the meat dough is made of flour, water and salt, cut into squares and stuffed with minced meat or chicken with onions.
This dough without meat can be used to make quick tuna sandwiches instead of rolled bread.
Some people prefer cutting out meat and dough with honey and butter for breakfast or dinner.

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