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a. Arabesque Restaurant

The best restaurant among 59 restaurants in Madinah near Al Haram
And winner of Certificate of Excellence for 2016 and 2018
Arabesque Restaurant is located on King Fahd Road, in Shaza Al Madina Hotel, and it serves Mediterranean, Asian, and Middle Eastern dishes. It also offers special food systems in addition to it is suitable for vegetarians, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


It is one of the most famous fast food restaurants in Madinah near the Prophet’s Mosque, and is located in the Hilton Tower
It is characterized by serving American fast food, and some special diets
It also opens until midnight and its prices are low. If you want to eat a quick meal, and do not have enough time to go out, and eat outside the Prophet’s Mosque, this restaurant is your best solution.

Abu Khaled Restaurant

It is located in the Oddest Hotel in the good markets, and it features serving popular, Indian, Pakistani and Asian dishes, and it has a place closed for families

albaik restaurant

It is located in Al-Jazira Hotel, which is one of the best fast food restaurants in Madinah. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. It is located near the School of Sciences and Sharia, next to the Prophet’s Mosque

Al Habibi Restaurant

It is one of the restaurants that is distinguished by its low prices in Madinah. It serves Pakistani and Asian dishes and serves all meals from breakfast until midnight.

Al-Rawda Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for seafood, and it also serves italyn and Turkish food

Movenpick Hotel restaurants

Movenpick Hotel restaurants allow all-day dining, from breakfast to evening meals

8. Al Salam Restaurant

The restaurant provides dining opportunities throughout the day, and features international cuisine with a buffet, or à la carte menus in addition to a carving station, and serves a healthy breakfast, sumptuous lunches, and delicious dinners interspersed with special theme evenings, bringing world tastes to Medina

Steakhouse Restaurant

It is located in Al-Rashid Mega Mall, King Abdullah Road, the second ring road, in Medina, and serves American food, and lunch and dinner.

Dish Restaurant

Among the distinctive restaurants near the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, it features Asian and Indian dishes
Also, its prices are reasonable for those who prefer Indian dishes

Cheng Yang Restaurant

It is located in Al Noor Mall on Khalid Ibn Al Walid Street, and it is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in Medina

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