Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic products

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The best tourist places in Iceland


This is the capital of Iceland and one of the largest cities in the country where you can spend a special holiday in Reykjavik. It is a place that combines both the new and old architecture of its beautiful buildings, its beautiful and organized streets and wonderful shopping areas.


It is the surrounding slopes that are found in the northwestern part of the country. This place is not easy to reach, but offers the best attractions on both the coast of Iceland. There is a ridge of elevated hills that occupies the forefront of this place in the interior of the coast and which forms the beautiful plateau.

the blue Lake

Blue Lake, a man-made lake, characterized by its only water that comes with a constant temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, which makes it suitable for swimming throughout the year, and there is a group of snow and ice regardless of high temperatures.


It is a huge waterfall that attracts many tourists every year to Iceland. Because of its location on the Hvita River as a major attraction in addition to having Twin Falls with its 90-degree incline with each other. The maximum height of the waterfall is 32 meters, which makes it attractive.

The best Iceland products

Icelandic sweaters

Icelandic wool jacket, or the lopapeysa, is the staple of Icelandic fashion. With the typical circular decoration around the shoulders and a variety of colors, it is made of sheep wool, so it contains more air than spun yarns
Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic - Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic products Thus it has better insulation properties. This is the same system as all Icelandic woolen products including blankets, gloves and hats, all of which are of excellent quality and durability.

Artistical works

If you are looking to invest in Icelandic art, there are a few trade fairs worth visiting that represent some of Iceland’s most famous artists. However, if you want something smaller to be easy to transport from one country to another (with the lowest travel insurance fees), check out the famous art galleries at Mokka Café, Bismút Café, and Verkefnarými Port, all located in the downtown area.

Poems from the poet Tropador

On the corner of Austurstræti and Posthússtræti in Reykjavik city center, you can find a handful of elderly Icelandic masters who sell their self-published poetry books. This is something unique for Iceland that you can’t find the same way anywhere else. The text is likely to be in Icelandic.

Icelandic Fashion

Within a short walking distance of Reykjavik, you can reach all the most famous fashion boutiques in the country
1581415999 275 Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic - Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic products These clothing stores reflect the beauty of Icelandic fashion, and are an inspiration for the natural elements that these pieces are famous for and illustrate.

Lava rocks

Iceland is famous for attracting visitors because of its volcanic activity, and the best way to commemorate your visit to this country is to take a piece of lava rock? While it may be tempting to pick up your own rock while walking, Icelandic law prohibits it. Instead of doing this you can find lava rocks in the form of jewelry, carefully crafted pieces that combine rare silver and other materials.

Different and colored fleeces

Check out the Icelandic Handknitting Association for an excellent selection of textures, colors and advice on knitting your lopapeysa jacket or other wool products. You can find an impressive array of yarn in the supermarket. Because the tradition of handicrafts is a strong tradition in Iceland, the skill of this trade can make you reap many beautiful products that have been woven during your trip to Iceland. Better yet, you can find some sheep ivory buttons / that are extracted from sheep paragraphs to add to the jacket.

Arctic tea with thyme

This traditional Icelandic tea has a distinctive and exotic taste of the Alps. It can be found in most shops and grocery stores in Reykjavik.
1581415999 98 Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic - Learn about the best tourist places and the best Icelandic products It has long been used for medicinal purposes in Iceland and in other Scandinavian countries, as it is especially common in northern environments. It has antibacterial properties and is good for cold, flu, and stomach disorders.


Icelandic licorice can be found in all its different versions, mixed with chocolate, marzipan, sweets, or even ice cream. This is usually the thing that Icelanders ask people to send to them when they live abroad. Most convenience stores offer a wide range of the best offers on this product.

Herbal sea salt

Take home a variety of sea salt herbal mixtures that are harvested by hand from Salt Frick Company in Westfjords with mixtures such as the arctic salt mixture with thyme.


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