Learn about the car-free village of Wengen

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Wengen is located at an altitude of 1274 meters and it has a view of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is an environmentally friendly village like Morne and Zermatt because it is free of cars.

The village is empty of cars, in my view it is sufficient for you to visit you for an hour, and I do not recommend housing in it, because access to it is only possible by train.

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Wengen is the earliest stage of the Ice Summit.

When climbing to the summit of Jungfrau, the snowy summit can stop at Wengen and enjoy the views and views of the Lauterbrunnen valley, then continue going up again to the summit or stop in the village when descending from the summit, whichever you want.

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The most beautiful view from Wengen on the Lauterbrunnen valley, next to the church and on
400 meters from the train station, just leave the station behind and head up
Northwest until you find the church and enjoy the most beautiful view you can see for this valley.
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Getting to the village by train only. Going and going costs approximately 13 Swiss francs and can be reached and returned at this value and without going up to the snowy summit.

Wengen can be with the Lauterbrunnen valley as a one-day program.

Waypoint coordinates from the Lauterbrunnen Valley train station
N46 35.915 E07 54.524

A waypoint overlooking the Lauterbrunnen valley from Wengen
N46 36.431 E07 55.158

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