St. Vincent and the Grenadines boasts the most beautiful landscapes in the Caribbean, a series of 36 emerald volcanic islands stretching with its white sandy beaches and bays decorated with tall palm trees where luxury yachts and sailboats are lined.
Dazzling resorts and wonderful restaurants abound on these islands, and diving is also dotted on its beaches, as tourists yearn to see enchanting coral reefs.

At the northern end is St. Vincent Island, which is home to the capital of Kingstown, which is rich in stone-paved streets and colonial buildings, while Union Island is the southern gateway to the Grenadines scattered like seas, such as precious jewels in the seas, including the green island of Pecia, the Mystic, Myrio, Canon, the Union Island and the Palm. Saint Vincent Island is a beacon of elegance, sport and culture embodied in the Tobago Case marine park, which includes five small islands and has a coral reef reserve that shimmers under the crystal turquoise waters.

The Becca is the second largest island of the Grenadines and is a destination for yachts and whale watching, the prestigious hills descend with the beaches and bays of Bougainvillea, and is famous for its safety and the friendliness of its residents, and in Port Elizabeth on the Admiralty Bay which is the main commercial center in Beka where there are many restaurants and shops.

Leeward Road extends 40 kilometers from Kingston and has been carved by nature on the cliff tops, up to the scenic coastal sandy beaches of black sand and spread on both ends of coconut plantations and wonderful attractions and beautiful fishing villages.

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