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Walibi Park

It is the largest carnival and amusement in Belgium. The leisure center is located in Favre, 30 km from Brussels.

The entertainment center is one of the most important and important goals of visitors in Belgium. It contains 40 diversified entertainment, 16 of which are for children and young adults.
You can estimate the sheer number of conversions in Vallibe and there are many different cabarets to meet everyone.

For example, Flying Carp or Flying Carpet, Octopus, Octopus, Cobra, etc.
If you are a fan of different encounters, enter the De Jenny Palace or the Genie Palace for a terrible and enchanting encounter.
In the event that you have not joined by your comrades and may wish to include an atmosphere of fun and competition you should try to test Tutankhamun, who puts you and your companions in the air of the Pharaonic tombs
The Wali Park is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Belgium
Since Wally Park was a water station in the beginning, the water bodies cover a huge area of ​​the station, so you will discover many water diversions in the entertainment center including the Pulsar amusement park, which will give you the experience of visiting the water on the various stature, where it rises 45 meters and then The ground again in the water.
Also experience the pool, Jacuzzi and many other wonderful marine offices that are one of a kind for Al-Allibi Park. It is equally worth saying that there are swimming pools and water transfers for young people as they were.
It is evident that the Al Wailibi Garden contains a variety of restaurants, cafes and drinks that you can use on your trip to this private station.

Water park in Belgium

Océade is the lively water park in Brussels. We are, as the number 1 in the water slides in Belgium.
Immerse you, your family and friends in an attractive and memorable pool with lots of slides. We provide you with at least 6 giant slides with a total of 10 slides tracks.

With us, you can also count the number of slips per hour, and there are tremendous possibilities for slipping from slides.
Because experimenting and sharing experiences together, this is what it is about. Camillans go down in a color of your choice and challenge an impressive Anaconda with a squad of 1, 2 or 3. people. Measure your best time in Ourganan (also known as “Hurricane”), which is slipping with Olympic power.
Our indoor and outdoor slides, outdoor pool and indo with surf pool and Saunaland with sauna, bath, Jacuzzi undoubtedly provide you with a great total experience.

Heidi The Ride

You must get ready for a high-speed adventure in Heidi The Ride.
Heidi The Ride is one of the most important amusement parks in Belgium.
As it is enjoyed by everyone who visits it and is considered a destination for many tourists around the world.
Everyone who visits Belgium visits Heidi The Ride to have fun.

The all-new wooden roller coaster in Plopsaland De Panne! Magic Beloved Studio combined 100 characters with fun over 50 outdoor and indoor attractions.

Amusement park RELEVANT PARK

Unique surroundings for unique games, the unique Bellewaerde Park will delight all lovers or strong sensations, nature and dodging.
RELEVANT PARK is different from the rest of Belgium, which is completely different.

The Bellewaerde Park Hotel distinguishes itself with a variety of attractions, spread over six – fun for the whole family and unforgettable experiences.

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