Saugatuck Dunes Beach
The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the state, as it includes many wonderful picturesque forms, where the beach extends for 2.5 miles of wonderful sand dunes, and the beach overlooking the sea is located in a secluded area, which increases its beauty, in addition to that the beach is near a number of The slopes are steep, and tourists can enjoy many activities, including eating American food as well as boat rides, as well as hiking in the embrace of nature.

Grand Heaven Beach
And this beach is one of the most beautiful and largest tourist beaches in the region, as it extends over an area of ​​48 acres, and upon entering the beach can enjoy many activities and things, and among these activities enjoy fishing on that pier extending inside the sea, also it is possible to enjoy a sport Swimming, this is in addition to the fact that the region includes many wonderful restaurants, as well as a number of distinguished facilities, including wonderful playgrounds, as well as distinct walking paths, and distinctive camping sites overlooking the lake.

Copper port
This region was in the eighteenth century, copper is mined in it, as well as it was used as an important port for the transport of goods, and the port is now used as a distinctive entertainment place, and the region also includes a wonderful garden known as the Royal Garden, this is in addition to a distinct beacon made Of copper, while on the beach you can enjoy a wonderful view and also buy wonderful souvenirs, in addition to many scenic.

North Manitou Island beach

The island is one of the oldest islands in the city, and it has great historical importance, as the region is full of wonderful animals and plants, and while in this wonderful island the tourist can enjoy many wonderful activities, among them relax on the beach, as well as hunting and camping And eat the best American food, and distinctive cafes.

Orchard Beach State Park
This beach is known as Al-Bustan Beach, and it is characterized by being one of the most beautiful places overlooking the Michigan Navy, and this place was previously one of the most important military sites, so now it still includes many military monuments in the city, and it is possible while you are in this The area enjoy several activities, including meetings, concerts, lake walks and swimming there, as well as fishing, and in winter skiing can be enjoyed in this area as well.

Rogers City
This city is known as the capital, and it is one of the largest places in the United States of America, and it has had a fundamental and major role in maritime transport operations, as well as while on this beach can enjoy fishing, this is in addition to that the region is one of the most important The private areas of limestone quarries, as well as it is near many wonderful restaurants, as the area has many wonderful places for children, so the place is very suitable for the whole family

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